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The Flag



St Malo’s motto "neither French nor Breton, I am from St Malo" along with its flag, represents the independent spirit of the City.

A red background quarter with an ermine with a golden tie – The specific colors of the arms of the city, reminding us that it belonged to the Duchy of Brittany.

The “Silver Cross” is on all flags of military ports under Louis XIV.

Likewise, it was used on the mast-heads of all the St Malo shipping fleets, including for the famous privateers’ ships.

St Malo’s flag flies on top of the castle keep, above the national French flag.



The breton flag


The “Gwenn ha Du” means "white and black" in the Breton celtic language.

The nine stripes represent the historic bishoprics of Brittany and the top left quarter, the hermine, symbol of the Dukes.