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Petit Bé Fort



In the late 19th century, the forts off-shore St Malo were abandoned except for Cezembre Island, to defend the city.

The fort was put up for sale, but the inhabitants of St Malo did not want to pay for a property that was theirs by right.

Negotiations lasted for four years, until the President of France Felix Faure declared in 1885 the establishment of ‘public utility’ for "hygienic' walks for inhabitants of St Malo.

The fort became property of the City. The Fort has been labelled French National Trust since 1921, such as the ramparts.

For several years, a passionate of history, owner of a leasehold, restores Petit Bé Fort to restaure it to its former glory, at the beginning of its construction in 1689.

It was finished in 1707, the year Vauban died.