Traditions and folklore at Baguer-Morvan

From :  7 Full-fare
  • With Panik, Lucas / Chevreuil and Piafs Bénèzes

    Panik: On the frenzied rhythms of African percussion, the bell ringers launch the eternal themes of Brittany, Scotland or Ireland, accompanied by the counter-songs of the violin or the saxophone and accordion harmonies ... the "Panik "is in the room!

    Lucas / Chevreuil: Martial Chevreuil returns to the Baguerroise stage with a new partner. True to the duo formula, this couple of Kan ha diskan singers will share their passion for Breton dance singing. It will transmit its energy to you and make you vibrate to the tunes of Central Brittany, Gavotte, Plin, Fisel and more. A real treat

    Les Piafs Bénèze: It is the meeting of an accordionist (Mimile Gaillard) and a singer (Dédé Horvais) who like to be on stage or in the round, to make the public dance and sing, to share and make children discover, for beginners and adults, Breton dance and Gallo singing.
    On stage or in the audience, the Piafs Bénèse (the "happy birds") give off an energy that will make everyone, even beginners, want to join in the round or try a few steps of a Breton dance.

    Organized by the association Bayé Danses Trad ’- Event originally scheduled for March 21, postponed to September 12, 2020.
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  • On September 12, 2020 at 9:00 PM
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