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Gastronomic Nuggets of Brittany

Creperie Breizh Cafe Cancale Thibault Poriel 1251Creperie Breizh Cafe Cancale Thibault Poriel 1251
©Creperie Breizh Cafe Cancale Thibault Poriel 1251|Thibault Poriel
Water to the mouth

In our gastronomic country whose reputation is well established, our Destination offers a true gourmet itinerary: seafood, flavors of the earth… The Breton table is varied and inventive. Some of its specialities are known all over the world, such as wheat or buckwheat pancakes, salted butter caramel, Breton far, kouign-amann, Breton shortbread… So many good things! You can even enjoy them with a bowl of cider. Specialties of Brittany, that you will of course be able to find on our destination, but let us speak about the specialties of our country: