The Bouchot MusselsA.O.P. of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel

The Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel PDO mussels

The Little Protector of the Bay!

The PDO Mussels “Bouchot Mussels of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel”

The Bouchot Mussel is one of the jewels of Breton gastronomy, which has earned it to be the first seafood product to obtain a European PDO label. It is in the respect of this appellation that the mussel farmerswork throughout the year, to produce mussels with orange flesh and a delicious iodized and sweet taste.The Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and its largest tides in Europe, a place of legend, a site known throughout the countries, a bay known for the beauty of its landscapes., but also a divine setting for the cultivation of mussels bouchot.

Their breeding

The mussels of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel are raised on Bouchot, this large wooden stake planted in the ground and which, by the phenomenon of the tides allows the mussels to be both in the air and in the water for a period of 12 to 18 months. This production technique, used on a good part of the French coast, allows to obtain mussels of average size (approximately 4 cm), but resistant and with a particular savour.each Bay thus gives, with the same technique, a different product and it is in the respect of this Bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel that our product gained its titles of nobility, with mussels of orange yellow color, unctuous and a melting flesh with a slightly sweetened savour: an unequalled product. The conditions were therefore all met to obtain the Protected Designation of Origin: a product, a land and men …Good to know: Rich in calcium, iron and iodine, you will find our A.O.P.* mussels in your plates from July to February.

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