The PDO lambs"Salt meadows of the Mont Saint-Michel
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The “Salt Meadows” PDO lambs of Mont Saint-Michel

The “Prés-salés du Mont Saint-Michel” PDO lambs have found in the polders, a quality canteen, rich by its multiple assets. Here they can gambol with a view of the Mont Saint-Michel!

Between Land and Sea

Happiness is in the meadow

Throughout the year, the farmers of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel take great care of their flocks of sheep. The animals roam in the “herbus”, meadows regularly covered by the sea, which gives its name to the salt-meadow lamb and gives the meat this unique taste.the salt-meadow lamb has a particular taste and texture because it is raised at the rhythm of the tides in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. The ewes and their youngs graze quietly in these grasslands, where plants capable of withstanding salt grow and which form a unique and original meal for the herbivores.the thin vegetation of these pastures forces the flocks to walk a lot to find their daily ration. This is why their meat is tender and their fat firm;


Meadowsalt lambs benefit from A.O.P. quality recognition, another reason to buy locally! The prés-Salés lamb and its Appellation d’Origine Protégée (A.O.P.), five producers in Ille-et-Vilaine and 10 in Manche, have committed to a strict set of specifications to guarantee the quality of their product. They are in charge of 5,000 ewes and 3 to 4,000 lambs per year.A “Prés-Salés” lamb, in order to be tasted and possess this appellation, must have a minimum of 115 days, 70 of which are spent in the Prés-Salés.*A.O.P.: Protected Designation of Origin

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