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Tips & Tricks & Bicycle info

Find our tips and tricks to make sure you have a great time during your bike ride! While respecting our preserved treasures.

Before leaving, how about checking:

  • the weather
  • the tide times, in case of a seaside route.
  • the weather & the duration of the route, so as not to be surprised by the night!
  • the difficulty of the course
  • his return by public transport, you can consult the page “Getting around”
  • his equipment

We provide:

  • A comfortable outfit, hiking shoes, we avoid flip-flops & stilettos!
  • A windbreaker in case and yes we are in Brittany! But we also provide sunscreen and sunglasses, because yes we are in Brittany!
  • A towel for impromptu swimming!
  • What to eat and what to drink!
  • A camera for vintage or a smartphone
  • Prevention: Beware of selfie accidents! Either you are badly framed or you fall!
  • The smartphone useful also for GPS & the Saint-Malo Tour App with all the hikes of our destination.
  • A good old hiking guide and a compass can also do the trick!

FFed Bicycle Tips for Getting Started

Good Deeds

In order to preserve all of these landscapes and environments that we enjoy so much, a few good deeds, to keep in mind, are essential in order to preserve the landscape as you left it.

  • I stay on existing, marked trails, roads, and bike and mountain bike routes
  • I don’t ride on trails that are off-limits to bikes
  • I avoid locking my wheels when braking
  • I don’t pick plants or take animals
  • shhh! I avoid unnecessary noise (shouting, music) especially at dawn or dusk when animals perform an important part of their vital activity
  • I do not leave my waste on the site, even biodegradable waste. Some organic waste takes several months to completely disappear and enriches the soil

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