How to import a GPX file on an application dedicated to hiking?


You want to use a GPX file for your hike, here we explain how!

What is a

GPX file ?

A GPX file or “GPS Exchange” is a file format that allows you to store your route plot on your computer or smartphone. In other words, it allows you to exchange GPS coordinates by sharing them as a file, which can be imported into a GPS application. To read this format, you’ll need to download an app that allows it to be opened.Once you’ve downloaded the app, you simply import your GPX file stored in your device.Your phone will then display your location and allow you to track your progress against the route in real time.

Here are the steps to know

How to use a GPX file?

  1. Download a hiking app (e.g. gpx viewer, geo tracker, trails etc.) to your device. To do this, type “gpx” into the Play Store or App Store to see a list of apps that can read this type of format.Example with gpx viewer: download the free app with Google Play and with Apple Store.
  2. Go to our dedicated “Nature Expeditions” section, where you’ll find walks, biking and mountain biking and choose the ride of your choice with your device.
  3. In the “Documentation” part of the tour, the name of the tour will appear as a download, click on it and download the file to your device.
  4. Click on the downloaded file and choose “Open with gpx viewer“, validate.The route is then displayed on the phone.
  5. When you are about to start your hike, you can follow step by step your way on the course, by going to the 3 vertical dots on the top right, then click on “follow gps”, the dot symbolizing your geographical location will appear, you are ready to hike.