Respect theHiker's Charter
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Hiker’s Charter

In order to preserve all these landscapes and environments that we appreciate so much, a few good gestures to keep in mind are essential to preserve the landscape as you left it.


Stay on the trails

In nature, only the trail is man’s territory. Stay on the trails to avoid trampling species. Don’t take shortcuts and respect fragile spaces.


Let’s be quiet

Wild animals are not used to hearing our noises. Stay quiet to have a chance to see them. Never touch a young animal, its mother will abandon it.


preserve our sites

Be an actor in the quality of your hiking sites! A defective sign, a pollution problem, a need for security… Thanks to the Suric@te program, report any anomaly on the sentinels website: Your report will be processed by the nature sports federations and the general councils in conjunction with the national resource center for nature sports of the Ministry of Sports.


Collect our waste

The best waste is the waste we don’t produce. Choose the products you use. Pick up and take your trash with you. Volunteer to preserve our environment.


Prefer carpooling and public transportation

Transportation is one of the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Prefer carpooling or public transportation to get to your hike. Stay on lanes open to vehicles and park in designated spaces.


close fences and gates

On the trails, we are always on someone else’s property. Please remember to close fences and gates after you pass.


Share the Spaces

Hiking is not the only activity on the trails. Share the natural space with other sporting activities and stay aware of other users.


clean our soles

Unwittingly, we can harm biodiversity by bringing soil stuck to our soles, seeds or germs from other natural environments. Remember to clean the soles of your shoes regularly, especially after a trip abroad.


Let the flowers grow

They are prettier in their natural environment than in a bouquet. Don’t pluck a flower, bud or sapling, but learn to recognize the flora and fauna in their natural environment.


keep dogs on a leash

We think of them as a friend, wild animals think of them as a predator. For everyone’s comfort and safety, keep your pets on a leash.


Don’t make fires

Fire is a danger to the hiker and nature. Respect the instructions and in case of fire, call 18 or 112.


respect protected areas