A unique show!The Great Tides
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A unique show!

The Great Tides

Take a breath of fresh air and choose a sheltered viewpoint to admire the incomparable spectacle of the high tides of Saint-Malo.

The high tides

Who has never heard of the great tides of Saint-Malo?

More than a show, the tides give rhythm to the daily life of the Malouins. Here, the sea offers you at every moment a different landscape, swept twice a day by the comings and goings of the tide.During the full moon or the new moon, the attraction is at its peak. The tidal coefficients usually exceed 100. Every six months, near each equinox (March-April and September-October), the tides are even stronger. These are the famous equinox tides so much awaited by the fishermen on foot, because the sea withdraws particularly far. But they are also very much feared by the residents of the seaside because the risks of flooding at the time of the high tide are frequent.

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What if you only had to walk a few steps to stumble upon a treasure?

At low tide, a preserved biodiversity can be discovered, Saint-Malo and the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel offer to the amateurs of foot fishing one of the biggest playgrounds in the world, thanks to very high coefficients, which can exceed 100 at the period of the equinoxes. Put on your boots and go fill your lungs with iodine and your bucket with delicious gems.

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