The Sea

©Thibault Poriel - Cancale©Thibault Poriel - Cancale
©©Thibault Poriel - Cancale|©Thibault Poriel
The sea spray that feels good!

It is an impetuous sea in winter and docile in summer that surrounds the destination Saint-Malo Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. The Channel, in Breton Mor Breizh, is the arm of the Atlantic Ocean that you will contemplate along the customs path.

Would you like to go for a walk on the sea?

Take advantage of the vacations to treat yourself to a seaside getaway!

Nothing is more exhilarating than a trip to the big blue. But you will surely be surprised by the color of the water with emerald green reflections…

Discovering the bay of Saint-Malo by sea is an adventure. Let yourself be tempted by an outing on a traditional sailboat on the privateer cutter le Renard or l’Étoile du Roy! It is not necessary to know how to sail, the crews will help you discover sailing while participating in the maneuvers.

Different shipping companies offer excursions to the Chausey Islands, off the Mont Saint-Michel bay. A walk to Cape Fréhel is an opportunity to admire the spectacular cliffs that dominate the sea by about 70 meters.

Beaches and sea bathing

Wherever you say vacation by the sea, say sea bathing!

The beaches are vast stretches of fine sand and havens of peace along a jagged coastline dotted with small coves. You’re bound to find the one that suits you and that you’ll never leave!”

A sea bath a day keeps the doctor away forever!

Want to know more about the best sandy beach spots?

In Saint-Malo, the large beach or Sillon beach, three kilometers long, extends from the Intra-Muros city to the Pointe de Rochebonne. From the Pointe de la Varde in Saint-Malo to the Pointe du Grouin in Cancale, the environments and beaches offer places to relax and rest. These beautiful sites are biodiversity spots, they are the homes of birds, butterflies, fish … They are protected on a European, national and Breton scale, so it is our duty, all of us, to preserve and protect them by having the right gestures.

The Havre du Lupin cove, located between Saint-Malo and Saint-Coulomb, was once the haunt of privateers and smugglers. It is mostly used for fishing on foot because it is completely uncovered at low tide. Learn about the fishing techniques so that this pleasure can last in time and for future generations.

In Saint-Coulomb, in the middle of the Emerald Coast, you will appreciate the Chevrets beach. This large sandy beach with crystal clear water is bordered by dunes. It offers a beautiful panorama on the English Channel and the Chausey islands. Les Dunes du Port beach is more picturesque and has a small natural harbor with a few boats at anchor. Swimming in the cove is almost a privilege!

The beaches of Cancale overlook the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. They are sheltered from the prevailing winds. The Verger beach is backed by the dune cordon behind which there is a small lagoon. That of Port-Mer, family beach par excellence allows to embark for a walk in the sea.

The high tides

Who has never heard of the great tides of Saint-Malo?

More than a spectacle, the tides give rhythm to the daily life of the people of Saint-Malo. Here, the sea offers you at every moment a different landscape, swept twice a day by the coming and going of the tide.

During the full moon or the new moon, the attraction is at its peak. Tidal coefficients usually exceed 100. Fishermen and oyster farmers bustle about between ebb and flow, always keeping in mind the time of the tide.

Every six months, near each equinox (March-April and September-October), the tides are even stronger. These are the famous equinox tides so much awaited by the fishermen on foot, because the sea withdraws particularly far. But they are also very much feared by seaside residents because the risk of flooding at high tide is frequent.