The benefits of a seawater cureA desire for Thalassotherapy ...
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©©les Thermes Marins

A desire for Thalassotherapy …

Treat yourself to a stay in Saint-Malo Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel! The Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo offer a wide range of relaxing and energizing treatments.

The benefits of thalassotherapy

Seawater has very beneficial therapeutic properties for both body and mind. To take advantage of all the benefits of the marine environment, why not treat yourself to a thalassotherapy stay in Saint-Malo? The oceanic climate, seawater, marine mud and seaweed are some of the ingredients that will help to evacuate tensions and release energy. An outdoor walk along the Emerald Coast and a seafood-based diet will also contribute to the benefits of the cure. It lies in its ability to restore our biological balance. In fact, in addition to its many mineral salts, its composition is almost identical to the liquid in which our cells bathe. This is why a seawater cure allows the regeneration of the body.

Les Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo

Les Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo overlooks the large beach of the Sillon. The establishment offers curists a breathtaking view of the sea and its magnificent sandy beach.The thalassotherapy center covers 5,000 m2; it has 6 warm seawater pools, 62 marine hydrotherapy cabins and 12 therapeutic massage cabins.How about a massage under a fine warm sea rain or a bubble bath with essential oils? The weekend and short-stay packages are ideal for recharging your batteries. From the cure for new mothers to treatments to improve sleep, you will be spoilt for choice among the various formulas offered. The treatments take place alternately in the morning or afternoon. The ideal way to have the time you need to rest, discover the ramparts of Saint-Malo or visit the museums of the corsair city.

Products ...

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Seawater-based treatments and products

It is here in Saint-Malo that Phytomer beauty products have been manufactured for nearly fifty years. The brand has opened its specialized treatment facility in Saint-Malo: the Phytomer Spa & Wellness. Facial and body treatments, sculpting and slimming treatments are available by appointment. You can also spend an afternoon at the spa of the Thermes Marins or at the spa of the Malouiniere des Longchamps, a hotel and spa accessible to the establishment’s external clientele.Did you know that the essential seawater spray, Physiomer, is also made in Saint-Malo? Created 25 years ago, Laboratoire de la Mer developed the famous nasal spray that decongests blocked noses! This solution is well known to mothers. It treats their children’s colds in a 100% natural way, thanks to the mineral salts and trace elements present in seawater.

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