The Malouin Corsairs
Robert Surcouf Statue Intra Muros Saint Malo (3)Robert Surcouf Statue Intra Muros Saint Malo (3)
©Robert Surcouf Statue Intra Muros Saint Malo (3)
"Fighting for the Roy"

of the Corsairs of Saint Malo

The Corsair City is known thanks to their exploits, their battles for the King: The Malouin Corsairs! Here is their history.

Privateers from Saint-Malo

in the service of the King !

Pirates or privateersPrivates were allowed to attack in times of war, any ship flying the flag of enemy states and especially its goods, thanks to the letter of marque transmitted by the king. While pirates only worked for their own account!

A profession with a promising future

In many Breton families, one was a privateer and shipowner from father to son. The trade was flourishing since France was in almost permanent conflict with many maritime nations, starting with England.

The great privateers of Saint-Malo

René Duguay-Trouin (1673 – 1736) – Privateer Captain

He distinguished himself on behalf of Louis XIV against the Dutch, English and Spanish. In 1711, he took possession of Rio de Janeiro.buried in Saint Vincent Cathedral. René Duguay-Trouin is one of the most famous French privateers, he was born in Saint-Malo in 1673. Captain of a privateer ship at the age of 18, he commanded a 40-gun ship at the age of 21. He captured more than 300 merchant ships and 16 warships. Louis XIV consecrated him lieutenant general of the naval will undoubtedly cross the statue of the corsair during your walk on the ramparts of Saint-Malo, near the quay Saint-Louis.and if you walk around 10:00 pm in the Corsair City, you will endenterez “Noguette”, brought back from Rio de Janeiro by Rene Duguay-Trouin, installed in the Cathedral of Saint-Vincent At one time, it rang to announce the closing of the doors of the Intra-Muros, the curfew and the watchdogs were released in the city, nowadays, it rings only to remind us its good memory!

Robert Surcouf (1773 – 1827)

The king of privateers harassed British merchant and military navies, not only in the seas of Europe, but also those of India. He acquired reputation and fortune by manipulating boardings…Born a century after his cousin Duguay-Trouin, Robert Surcouf practiced racing warfare against English commerce. His most famous exploit was the capture of the Kent, a powerful ship of the English India Company. The capture of this 1200 ton vessel earned him the title of King of Privateers. Surcouf then became one of the richest and most powerful shipowners in Saint-Malo. The bronze statue of Robert Surcouf is located in the Cavalier’s garden, in front of the Petit-Bé and Grand-Bé. Surcouf, dressed in his privateer’s outfit, indicates the way forward by turning his head to face his troops.

Privateer Frigates

Le Renard

Go back in time and board a legendary privateer cutter. Replica of the last ship armed in 1812 by Robert Surcouf, this 30-meter sailboat will make you live the privateer adventure as in the 19th century, and will make you discover the beauty of the Bay of Saint-Malo.

L’Etoile du Roy

Replica of a 1745 Malouin privateer frigate commanded by Robert Le Turc. With its 47 meters, this 3-masted ship of 310 tons with 240 crew members was armed with 20 cannons. Today a real floating museum, you can take yourself for a privateer during a visit!


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