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  • The Babas of Saint-Malo manufacture in their workshop the babas in an artisan way with the precision of the starred chef Luc Mobihan. We draw our inspiration from travels to propose new variations of the baba and new gourmet creations. Come and meet them at the Babas Bar! In April 2017, we took over the Intra-Muros butcher shop. In one of the two premises we set up our workshop and the bar with babas. In the other, we kept the butcher shop.
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  • From January 1, 2019 until January 13, 2019
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    Super pour un dessert intra-muros, ou pour emporter/offrir en souvenir ! J'en ai toujours un bocal dans mon placard en cas de diner improvisé. Mon préféré: limoncello !