Ostra Régal

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bourriche-ostra-regal-phastridcailleux©Tous droits réservés
OSTRA-OR-phyannpeucat©Tous droits réservés
Ostra-regal-2-phastridcailleux©Tous droits réservés
ostra-regal-dejeuner-phyannpeucat©Tous droits réservés
ostra-regal-phastridcailleux©Tous droits réservés
ostra-regal-selection-or-phyannpeucat©Tous droits réservés
  • From the oyster of cancale to the marennes oléron, the Boutrais family offers a wide variety of oysters, from oysters special to the fine of claire marenne oléron through the oyster belon. Discover a wide range of oysters to buy directly from the producer delivered to your home anywhere in France in conditions of optimal freshness. An oyster number 5, 4, 3, 2, 1? They are all here!
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