Saint-Mleï in the gallo-romain language

Saint-Méloir des ondes


The name Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes comes from the priory dedicated to Saint-Méloir, a Breton hermit and martyr of the 6th century

Saint-Méloir Des Ondes lies partly on a low hill, extending into the wetlands below. Its name is reminiscent of the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel and its high tides (Ondes means "waves").

A land of culture

Saint-Méloir has maintained a dynamic agricultural economy with market gardening fields and a grand central market place - a hub for the local dispatch of cauliflowers, potatoes and other vegetables. The agricultural cooperative Terres de Saint-Malo governs local logistics and distribution.


Historical heritage

The town is home to two Malouinière manor houses, both from the 18th century and classified as Historical Monuments: the Malouinière du Mur Blanc located on the borders of Saint-Malo and the Malouinière du Vaulérault overlooking the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and the smaller bay of Radegonde.

Three walks, over a distance of 15 km, allow visitors to discover the town and its natural heritage. The Grande Randonnée route along the coast offers excellent views of the bay.


The far end of Mont Saint-Michel bay

At Nielles, the oyster beds are the starting point of the greenway along the bay, ultimately leading to Mont-Saint-Michel. The sites of the Green Valley, classified as a sensitive natural area, are managed by the departmental authorities and offers a pleasant place for relaxation outside the bustle of the town, with a lake and hardwood forests.


2,949 hectares - 3,936 inhabitants - Locals known as Méloriens & Méloriennes