Zen and energy

Between the land and the sea, a spellbinding place

The area of Saint-Malo Bay and the Mont-Saint-Michel transports you to two different worlds —the relaxation of a coastal countryside and effervescence of a lively city.

Relax in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel

If you need some time to recharge your batteries yourself by the sea, for a few days or a weekend, or perhaps longer, Saint-Malo and the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel is the perfect destination.

The coastal plain and the banks of the river Rance are ideal for slow tourism. This new travel trend invites you to take your time to discover a place, rather than zooming through taking selfies. The time to observe nature, meet the locals, eat well and truly relax...

Walking in the forest of Mesnil

A slow walk in the forest of Mesnil to travel back to megalithic times. In the middle of the forest, located around the village of Le Tronchet, stands the dolmen called the House of the Fairies. Unsurprisingly, it's at the origin of many legends about the spirits of nature. The forest of Mesnil was once owned by Robert Surcouf, the famous Saint-Malo corsair

North of the village, enjoy a walk around Lake Mireloup or the Beaufort water. This rural environment is great for exploring the local religious architectural heritage - the abbey of Notre-Dame de Beaufort or the church and cloister of Notre-Dame du Tronchet.

Birdwatching in the Marais Blanc

What's more relaxing than bird watching? The nature reserve at La Bruyère located in the bounds of the municipality of La Fresnais, and is the ideal place to get to know the flora and fauna of the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. You'll see a bounty of bird species - herons, egrets and wild duck among them.

Lovers of the maritime landscape will find their corner of paradise on the Sentier des Douaniers (the customs path), at the Pointe du Groix. From the point, the island of Landes can be seen, an ornithological site where one of the largest colonies of great cormorants in Brittany makes its nests. The island, off the coast of Cancale, is uninhabited, and has no buildings. It is prohibited to land there so we'll just have to dream of being a bird, alighting for the summer.

Entertainment, from Cancale to Saint-Malo

If its fun and parties you're after, Saint-Malo is the place to find all the excitement of lively bars and restaurants. In summer, the port of Houle in Cancale is also a very popular place.

For those with energy to spare, enjoy all the activities offered by the nautical centres in the region - sailing, dinghies, catamarans, stand-up paddle and sea kayak.

Don't miss the spectacular Spring tides that rise twice a year, in the autumn and spring. Be careful - while the experience is breathtaking, it can sometimes be dangerous.

Saint-Malo, nautical and seaside resort

With its eleven beautiful sandy beaches and all the water activities available, Saint-Malo is proud to boast the award France Station Nautique, 4 stars. Swimming and beach games on the large Plage du Sillon, 3 km long, is a favourite for summer holidaymakers.

Shopping fan? Find the most trendy shops in the old town. From ready-to-wear Armor Lux to the La Reserve concept store, and Ker Olam, a shop with original creations by Breton artists - here's the opportunity to bring back a holiday souvenir, with surprises on every street corner.

Cancale, facing the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel

Although Cancale is famous for its oysters, it is also admired for its long beach of golden sand that stretches for almost two kilometres between the Point de Moulière in the east and Pointe des Daules in the west. The Verger beach is very busy during the summer season, and has a surveillance station for the safety of families.

After the beach, it is a local custom to enjoy a nice plate of Cancale oysters in the little port of Houle. In the evening, stroll at the bay of Port-Mer and admire the bisquines, traditional fishing boats, returning to the port after their day out at sea. A concert on the terrace or a game of petanque to set the rhythm for a soft summer evening.