The sea

From the Emerald Coast to Mont-Saint-Michel Bay

The sea is a rowdy, tempestuous master in winter and a docile friend in summer. It surrounds and bathes the Saint-Malo Bay and the of Mont-Saint-Michel. The Mor Breizh Channel is an arm of the Atlantic Ocean that you can get to explore contemplate along the famous Customs Path.

The vast tidal range

The difference between high and low tides at Saint-Malo is among the largest in the world. The tides give rhythm to daily life of the town and its people. Here, you are aware of the sea at all times, every moment a different landscape, changing twice a day by the coming and going of the tide.

The tidal attraction reaches its peak during the full moon and the new moon. Tidal coefficients generally exceed 100. Fishermen and oyster farmers make themselves busy between the ebb and flow, always keeping in mind the time of the next tide for safety.

Every six months, near each equinox (March-April and September-October), the tides are even stronger. These are the famous Spring tides, so much enjoyed by cockle fishers, when the sea withdraws particularly far away. Of course the high tides are also feared by local residents due to the risk of flooding.

Beaches and swimming

Holidays by the sea means swimming, naturally! The beaches are vast, with fine sand and long shorelines, havens of peace along a rugged coast dotted with small coves. Whatever your taste in beaches you'll find the one that suits you best, and you'll never want to leave! In Saint-Malo, the old adage about an apple-a-day is used for swimming in the sea - here they say a dip once a day keeps the doctor away... forever!

Want to know more about the best sandy beaches?

In Saint-Malo, the Plage du Sillon, three kilometres long, extends from the city to the Point de Rochebonne. The Minihic and Pont beaches offer a splendid point of view over the bay of Saint-Malo.

The harbour of Le Havre du Lupine, located between Saint-Malo and Saint-Coulomb, was once the haunt of corsairs and smugglers. Cockle fishing is excellent here because of the large expanse of sand uncovered at low tide.

In Saint-Coulomb, in the middle of the Emerald Coast, you'll particularly appreciate the Plage des Chevrets. This large sandy beach with crystal clear water is lined with dunes. It offers a beautiful panorama over the English Channel and the Chausey Islands. The Plage des Dunes du Port, more picturesque, is home to a small natural harbour with boats at anchor. Swimming in the creeks is a real privilege!

The beaches of Cancale overlook the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and are well sheltered from prevailing winds. The Plage du Verger is protected by the dunes, behind which lies a small lagoon. The beach of Port-Mer, a family beach par excellence, offers boat trips.

Boat trips

Make the most of your holiday with a trip at sea! Nothing more exciting than a trip out into the big blue yonder even if the sea here is an astonishing emerald green!

Discovering the bay of Saint-Malo by sea is an adventure in itself. Take a traditional sailing trip on one of the corsair cutters Le Renard and the Étoile du Roy! You don't need to know how to sail, the crews will introduce you to the art of sailing while participating in tacking and running manoeuvres.

Various companies offer excursions to the Chausey Islands, off the bay of Mont Saint-Michel. A walk to Cape Frehel is the opportunity to admire the spectacular cliffs overlooking the sea from a height of two hundred feet.