Behind the scenes with a Michelin-starred chef

Restaurant Saint-Placide


Maud, our culinary adventurer

The Saint-Placide is one of the best restaurants in Saint-Malo, one star in the Michelin guide, a gastronomic rendez-vous!

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Behind the scenes of the Saint-Placide, one of Saint-Malo's Michelin star restaurant!

It's February 16, 2018 when I arrive at the kitchen of the Saint-Placide, once an elegant tram station. I have an appointment with Luc Mobihan, a Michelin-starred Saint-Malo chef.

Being a Friday, the whole team is present, from apprentices to second chefs, head pastry chef, waiters and washer uppers.

Everyone is in place and focused on his or her mission, all working with precision and rigour before the start of the day's service, dedicated to to delighting the taste buds of the eager customers.

At 12.30 the first orders arrive from the tables, "send the hors d'oeuvres out" calls the chef. Orders executed efficiently!

I've been given a privileged position to observe these perfect techniques, these mastery of tastes, these rare products that build each plate into a unique culinary adventure. Everything is home-made, from desserts to bread, the chef and his team love working with fresh seasonal products, of course.

Luc tells me about his love of travelling, which shows in the kitchen, he loves to associate the flavours he brings back from his trips with the local produce of Saint-Malo - langoustine ravioli, emulsion of spices, coriander and parmesan, a travellers signature.

Today, in the "Fresh from the Market" menu: monkfish with the first asparagus shoots "I want to please people with quality products at an affordable price".

Just as am getting carried away by all the smells and an overwhelming desire to tuck in, this really great chef invites me offers me to taste all his dishes, a just table for me!

I go through to the restaurant with its beautiful dining room. Isabelle is there with elegance and simplicity to serve her guests. The energy shared between Luc in the kitchen and Isabelle, with the customers, is infectious.

First up is local spider crab with scallops and truffle, and a ravioli of langoustines ... then comes the bass with lard di Colonnata, a perfect association, served with a risotto of celery - sublime!

Anne Claire's dessert "La Délicatesse" is magnificent. Both its structure and its taste, white chocolate, passion fruit and mango juice, a gentle freshness to conclude a beautiful moment.

The Saint-Placide is worth visiting Saint-Malo for alone. Discover the talented cuisine of Luc Mobihan and his team - they will delight your taste buds like never before!

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