In the footsteps of history

Mr Roland Mazurié des Garennes



Who was never told stories of pirates, privateers and expeditions? The best stories aren't written in the books - they come straight from our long oral tradition and reveal many truths of all kinds, by turns historical, bloody and delightful

My goal is to introduce you to some authentic local products filled with beautiful energies! They will tell us their story, their journey, sharing the values and experiences that created them and, in turn, they will inspire you... shall we go?


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My meeting with Monsieur Roland Mazurié des Garennes

The meeting

On a beautiful day in February, just how I love them, with a cloudless blue sky, dry and cold, I have an appointment with a very particular character from Saint-Malo. We meet at the brewery of Hotel France & Chateaubriand. The venue wasn't chosen by chance - it's full of history. François-René Chateaubriand, no less, was born here. Having arrived early, I sit on the terrace to immerse myself in the atmosphere and enjoy the sun. The brightness plays with the contrasts between the blue sky and the grey city walls, giving a special atmosphere to Place Chateaubriand, revealing an almost palpable mystery, which only a true enthusiast could explain...

With an assured step, Monsieur Mazurié des Garennes, a former military commander, "living in Saint-Malo for sixteen generations" arrives at my table. Well known to the locals, this local character with his sparkling blue eyes hiding a small note of mischief, greets me heartily. He knows what he wants, says it clearly, without going around the houses. A true Saint Malo resident doesn't hide what he has to say, he tells me. Once sitting comfortable, he notes in his little notebook the date of our interview (by habit). I am fascinated by the idea of ​​having in front of me the person who knows the history of Saint-Malo, big and small, better than anyone. The stories he likes best are the little ones, the ones not not written in books, with lots of nuggets of information and anecdotes of all kinds, as well some fruity secrets...croustillantes...

Once upon a time...

I am impatient to get know all these secrets.... When I walk along the ramparts, everything seems to arouse my curiosity; the names of the streets, the statuettes, the architectural details. My questions will finally have answers! I listen with attention and wonder, the stories of privateers, pirates, sailors, great families, writers, expeditions, commerce, power, wars, finances, ships, boats, stories ... I am totally carried away by his stories and my imagination does the rest. Every corner of the city has a story, whether it's a square, a building, or a gateway like the one that today lies hidden between two buildings, and which once served as a secret escape door from a brothel! "I could talk for three days if you wanted" he tells me. "I even have the keys to some secret doors!" My eyes sparkle like the local children on their treasure hunts - I like the idea of going to places forbidden and secret ...


With passion and authenticity, my guide will share these tales with whoever will listen - all his research, his meetings, his readings, his investigations. A walk in the streets of Saint-Malo alongside Mr. Mazurié, is a perpetual delight....

Marie-Alice Lemoine

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