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If you dream of sailing into Saint-Malo in summer to escape the turmoil of life, or to take a deep breath of fresh sea air in winter, wrapped up in a big sweater and a good scarf, I've found just the thing for you!

My goal is to introduce you to some authentic local products filled with beautiful energies! They will tell us their story, their journey, sharing the values and experiences that created them and, in turn, they will inspire you... shall we go?


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Destination Saint-Malo

After a day getting jostled in the streets of my home town, I'm home at last. Through the window, the grey sky of winter (polluted, no doubt), and no fire in the hearth... but I can always light a candle - not just any candle - this is a No. 1, Saint-Malo, made on the pontoons, in Cancale!

I sit back comfortably in my chair, and a delicate effusion tickles my senses. My eyes close and I am instantly transported back to Brittany by the delicate perfume of the sea - now I can picture the sheep grazing on the pastures, the port seen from the city walls, the clatter of the halyards on the masts, the song of the seagulls, the sunset in the west, - a sequence of lovely pictures scrolls through my mind...

Later, in the shower, the Marineau Boisé seaweed soap, harvested on the coast of Brittany, caresses my skin. I'm transported once again. The walks on the beach, contemplating the washed-up algae, with its bizarre twisted forms and incredible colours, parade in my head. I see myself walking on the kelp that pops like clicking fingers. As the delicate woody fragrance charms my senses, I remember all the discussions by the fireplace, where we remade the world.

There are scents and feelings that mark our spirit and can transport us in a second. Here, the destination is unique - Saint-Malo. And it's so easy to get to, with the fast trains and direct flights... perhaps it's time to do some planning!

Saint-Malo in my bag!

It's always possible to keep a small piece of Saint-Malo close to you, so you can remember these moments, so delicious, spent on the Breton coast, at any time...

Marie-Alice Lemoine

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