Meeting with Sergea greeter from Saint-Malo!
A 100% local ride

Meeting with Serge greeter from Saint-Malo!

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"A meeting, history and especially humor ..."

A 100% local ride

A meeting with Serge, a greeter from Saint-Malo !

A little tour on the website of the Tourist Office, discovery of the page “Greeters”, an appointment orchestrated by Victoria or Edouard and hop the meeting with Serge is organized for a 100% local stroll with a local guy.Today, we chose Serge but each greeter has his specialty, that makes many possibilities for a stroll (local flavors, the villas of the Sillon, the City of Alet …)!Do you know the term “Greeter”?Serge either ! A 100% English-speaking term to meet 100% Breton, what an idea! So we can say meeting with a local, not very flattering; meeting with an ambassador, oh what prestige! A walk all in simplicity, with a passionate, that’s what greeters offer us!.Here the appointment is made and we meet in front of the Tourist Office in Saint-Malo for a walk in the streets of Intra-Muros with Serge.We introduce ourselves each in turn and it starts well because the humor is at the rendezvous!” We are not in a group, we are between friends, family … These walks are limited to 6 participants.

History and humor

First stop, the castle of Saint-Malo, during his wanderings and researches Serge realized some small’s fascinating because we feel at once that Serge loves his city and has a keen interest for its history. We learn about the city but we also laugh with anecdotes and little stories. Did you know that there was a water reserve in the courtyard of the castle? Well, I didn’t, even though I know the history of Saint-Malo! Serge shows us his binder with reproductions, maps… All his research on the city. As he says, he shows us his pictures because we are “wise as pictures”.In front of the Universe bar, we learn that Serge is grandson of Cap-Hornier. That this bar served as a HQ for sailors, we immediately imagine his grandfather telling his stories at the counter as Serge does now. The heritage is there!We continue our wandering in the streets of Intra-Muros to meet the houses… We take the time to enter the courtyard of the Houssaye where the Duchess Anne would not have finally stayed at all. Then we stop in front of a figurehead and there Serge tells us that at the time the sailors had to compete for the right to clean the lady. We imagine the poor sailors at sea for months (even years), with an exclusively male crew, fighting for the right of access to the only female image on the boat. And there, a common laugh, the imagination of each and especially that of Edouard the only man participating in this ride, who completely understands the feeling of the sailors!

A contagious good mood

During this stroll, nothing holds us back, we take the time to look at things, to ask questions.

We are close to our “local guy”. We do not see the time pass … We strolled nearly 2 hours. Because with such a contagious good mood, he knew how to transmit to us his passion for his city of Saint-Malo. He took us on a storytelling walk, told with his words and his feelings.We all have a great memory of this moment shared with Serge! From the little stories he told us and especially from his very local humor.