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The musical eventSurcouf, King of the Corsairs

Surcouf, King of the Corsairs

July 20 > August 6, 2022

Musical creation 100% Original & Malouine !

The Origins

The musical “Surcouf, Roi des Corsaires” is no exception to the rule, and Charles Tharaux, a well-known Malouin who created the shows “Cœurs en Chœur” and “Fourmi’zik”, is behind this ambitious project. Holding the reins of the production company Taro Productions, he has been thinking about a new show for a while now… 3 years! – It’s one thing to have the idea, but now it’s time to set up the event. The location is perfect: the Palais du Grand Large in Saint-Malo. In the spring of 2021, the ads and castings began to roll in. The production is looking for talented singers, actors and dancers, in short, they are looking for THE Nuggets! Out of 300 applications, only 15 talents are selected to go through the auditions and the chosen ones, those who will interpret the main roles, are presented during the summer: Elisa Lys in the role of Adele, Eric Jetner in the role of Virgil, Axelle Porteu in the role of Marie-Catherine and Cédric Chupind in the role of Surcouf.and so at the end of the year 2021, in December, the artists present a series of showcases and the ticketing is launched!

In a few figures

  • 3 weeks
  • 15 performances
  • 1h45 show
  • 18 artists on stage
  • 20 tableaux
  • 26 original songsSongs written by Rennes composer, arranger and orchestrator, Victor Josse.

A story freely inspired by the hectic and romantic life of the great privateer Robert Surcouf, made of adventures, conquests, love and battles in a chaotic historical context: all the ingredients of a great show!”And the icing on the cake, the production is not afraid of anything by making a little nose-thumbing at Robert Surcouf by offering the entire show subtitled in English 😉

The Pitch

At the end of the 18th century, the French were fighting terrible battles against the English, who deployed a large and powerful fleet to prevent them from trading and to protect their communication routes on the great route to India.rice, tea, silk, gold, … the riches were innumerable and the stakes were high.the Isle Bourbon (Reunion Island) and the Isle of France (Mauritius) were blockaded by the English, threatening the population with a terrible famine.A young man, genius of the sea and fine strategist, will embrace the career of a sailor and dethrone the English from their maritime supremacy, making all the enemy ships of France tremble from London to Calcutta.adventure, passion, love, betrayal, the path of the young man will be strewn with pitfalls to win the conquest of the oceans and the hand of the beautiful Marie-Catherine Blaise de Maisonneuve.&nbsp

SURCOUF, Roi des Corsaires - Teaser Juin 2022