Beach of Touesse or

Beach of Colette ... ?

A real postcard!
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Do you know Rozven, on the beach of Touesse? It’s a real postcard!

Between Saint-Malo and Cancale,

La Plage de la Touesse

located in the commune of Saint-Coulomb.

A heavenly place that offers greenery, fine sand and turquoise sea.

This beach is sheltered from the wind of the sea, which is rare on the Breton coasts.All the idyllic assets are gathered: Fine golden sand beach, boats at anchor, cormorants diving between the rocks that outcrop the emerald sea, the coastal path rising above the dunes sheltered by umbrella pines.

Colette's property


in Saint-Coulomb

A literary thrill!

Sidonie Gabrielle Colette, one of the greatest women of Letters of the early twentieth century, comes to spend summers, from 1910 to 1924, in her villa “Roz-Ven” located on the dunes of the beach. “I want you to see Rozven, its green sea cove, the intricate rocks, the little wood, the new and old trees, the warm terrace, the rosebushes, my yellow room, and the beach where the tide brings treasures.” Colette, novel Le Blé en Herbe by Colette

“Le Blé en Herbe”

This is the first novel signed “Colette” without any additions.

“It is this enchanting site that inspired several of her novels, among others Le Blé en Herbe where we find the atmosphere and the landscape of this corner of Brittany. […]Audebert, have you seen the moon on the Grouin? I’ve been watching it rise over the sea for fifteen summers, this August moon, and I never tire of it. When you think that fifteen years ago, the Grouin was naked, and that it was the wind alone that sowed these little trees […]” (Le Blé en Herbe – 1924)

The path leading to Roz-Ven and the beach of Touesse is called, Chemin du Blé en Herbe.

Still a place that we would like to keep secret so much it is bewitching…

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