Treasures of Upper Britain

A treasure hunt in romantic Brittany!


Geocaching activity in Tinténiac – “Histoire tête en l’air”

It all started with an idea, then the appointment was made, the mission was accepted: to entertain a little 6-year-old adventurer! But here the main thing is: to have a well charged phone!

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A new experience, a new expedition! To make you discover the activity of Geocaching with Trésors de Haute-Bretagne. Let's go, adventurers!

Discover heritage while having fun!

Here I go on a new expedition, whose sole purpose is to entertain a little 6-year-old boy who loves adventure!!I have a little apprehension, will I succeed in this expedition, will I reach the treasure, and most importantly will I manage to get my fellow traveler into the game!

And so begins the “Indiana Jones” operation!

Here we are, embarked on a rather special treasure hunt. Here we replace the traditional compass by his smartphone, the treasure map is the application Tresors of High Brittany and here no faithful steed to lead us because everything is done on foot! For this time, our expedition leads us to Tinténiac… But other treasure hunts are possible in Romantic Brittany: in Combourg, in Hédé-Bazouges, in Mesnil-Roc’h…

Let's go for the expedition!

Arrived at the starting point of the expedition, we launch the application Tresors of High Brittany and we choose “Heads Up Story”. Guided by Barbobec, Captain O’sec and all the other Korrigans, we go from enigma to enigma … At each step, we observe, we search, we count and we have fun! The Korrigans pass on their knowledge to us, especially Barbobec who is the oldest of the Korrigans! My little modern-day adventurer with my smartphone shows me the way… Our quest continues and we are both driven by the enthusiasm of the discovery of our treasure.We allow ourselves a break inside the Church of the Holy Trinity, in order to admire the decorations of the mosaicist Odorico and as soon as we enter, we are captivated by the light that passes through the stained glass windows and colors the walls… A show that enchants us!

And here we go again on our adventure!

While my sidekick is looking for the right path, with the help of Barbobec and the Tresors of Upper Brittany app, to go back in search of the treasure, I allow myself to indulge in my little passion, photography! Here, I take pleasure in discovering little-known details of the town of Tinténiac, to prove my artistic side. To spot the pediment decorated with Odorico mosaics of the town hall, the old mansions of Melesse, Préciaux des Cours dating from the 16th century, the remains of the old church of the 10th century, the facades of houses such as “La Belle Oie”, the amazing alley of the Cohue where you can see one of the very last cattail floors.

I assure you here a great photographic pleasure!.

One thing is for sure, we are having fun, my little adventurer and I! We got lost too, oops!!We took the wrong path, we operated half-turns and hop we are on our way to the final riddle and the treasure!”Arrived near the indicated location of the treasure, we look and look again! Here, no need to dig, you can forget your shovels and picks, just observe well what surrounds us, and when the long-awaited moment has arrived, the discovery of the treasure, the fun is at its peak!”The whole crew is happy and amused!Promise, I won’t reveal the much sought-after treasure here but know friends adventurers that you can hang it on your jacket!And the icing on the cake is when, a few weeks later, my adventurer announces that he wants to go on a mission with me and his best buddy again!

Hooray, it’s the ultimate victory!

So we readjust our Fedora hat, take our whip and smartphone and let’s go for a new adventure!

Go on an adventure

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