Treasure n°4The must-sees of the Radiant City
Simon Bourcier Cathedrale Saint Samson Dol De Bretagne Simon Bourcier 14360Simon Bourcier Cathedrale Saint Samson Dol De Bretagne Simon Bourcier 14360
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The must-sees of the Radiant City

The must-sees of the Radiant City: expect to meet nuggets of character!

When stone meets light

The City that shines!

Here is a city that shines with a thousand sparkles: Dol-de-Bretagne. This “Petite Cité de Caractère” will transport you to the time of the cathedrals, hang on tight! From the heights of Mont-Dol, expect to be overwhelmed by the 360° view: the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and the marshes, and a few steps away, the prehistoric site of Lillemer and the Abbey of Tronchet.

Good to know!

A menhir with regenerative power

The menhir at Champ Dolent is said to give off positive vibes: by kissing it or sticking your back to it, the stone is said to have the power to cure back pain.


St. Samson’s Cathedral

Be charmed by one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Brittany and enjoy an unforgettable experience combining power and architectural wonder. Enter this haven of peace bathed in light and discover the jewels that make it up. Testimony to the prestigious religious past of the city of Dol-de-Bretagne, this 13th century gothic style cathedral will impress you! + visit the Cathedraloscope !


La Grande rue des Stuarts and its houses

Walk through the city to discover the timber-framed houses, an emblematic heritage of Brittany. Mainly located in the “Grande Rue des Stuarts”, they are now home to shops and create an atmosphere where past and present are intertwined. Take advantage of this opportunity to relax on the terrace or stroll along the cobblestones!


Le Menhir du Champ Dolent

Let yourself be bewitched by the magical atmosphere of this place closing stories and legends. This menhir of 9,30 meters, classified Historical Monument, counts among the biggest erected menhirs of Brittany.


Le tertre du Mont-Dol

Don’t miss the Moulin du Tertre, enthroned atop Mont-Dol. This 19th century flour mill, listed as a Historic Monument, has retained its original mechanism and is still in working order!


The White and Black Marsh

Part of the Dol marsh and located below sea level, the white marsh consists of land composed of marine alluvium and clay. The biez or canals used to transport wood, reeds and fodder when the roads were impassable. Located on a hillock in the heart of the black marsh, Lillemer has been inhabited since the Neolithic period.


L’Abbaye du Tronchet

Ancient Benedictine monastery, the Abbaye Notre-Dame du Tronchet was founded in 1117; it was destroyed several times over the centuries. The abbey manor dates from the 13th century, the abbey church that can be visited dates from the 17th century. In the cloister, there is a remarkable holly tree planted in 1643.


Lillemer and its archaeological center

Situated on a mound in the heart of the black marsh made up of peaty soil, Lillemer has been inhabited since the Neolithic period. The peat of the marsh has allowed for exceptional preservation and various works have confirmed the existence of a village about 4,000 years old.

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