The Swamp of Sougeal

Remarkable Site of Brittany
Chevaux Dans La Brume Marais De Sougeal Sougeal Brigitte Nicolas Haugeard 3513Chevaux Dans La Brume Marais De Sougeal Sougeal Brigitte Nicolas Haugeard 3513
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What would you say about going to discover a natural site classified as a “Remarkable Area of Brittany”, located in the heart of the lower Couesnon valley, a few kilometers from Mont Saint-Michel: the Marsh of Sougeal!

Welcome ...

in this jewel box of biodiversity!

The Marais de Sougeal is 175 hectares of fauna and flora. This reserve has an ornithological value, which is closely linked to the proximity of the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel and is internationally recognized. The Community of Communes of the Pays de Dol and the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, manager of the reserve, has the role of preserving this place. Before that, you should know that February is the best period to observe the birds of the Sougeal Marsh.

On the program: breathing, inspiration, relaxation and escape.

After crossing the countryside, we invite you to park near the Maison du Marais, it is from here that your nature break in the heart of the Sougeal Marsh can begin.

Breathing: A great breath of air is in order.

Get to the outskirts of the marsh. The path of your escapade, rich in fauna and flora, is traced and runs along the entire marsh and will allow you to observe the biodiversity that the Sougeal Marsh offers. On this path, two breaks are necessary thanks to two observatories that have been arranged and allow you to contemplate the fauna, flora and especially let your mind oxygenate.

Inspiration: The different shades of green leave room for inspiration.

The birds that make their aerobatics in the air, the swans that relive the lake of swans on the marsh … A real invitation to the meeting of a landscape of apparently so peaceful and yet so rich. So many curiosities that sharpen the inspiration: the wet and floodable meadows dependent on the floods of the Couesnon, the 360 species of flora, the sixty or so species of birds listed here, the thirty or so species of dragonflies and damselflies, the eight species of amphibians that are also present, and the pikes (of which the marsh is a major site for their reproduction).

Relaxation: Moments of relaxation guaranteed!

Just like the different species that choose the Sougeal marsh as their resting place, borrow this refuge from them for a few moments and like them, let yourself relax. The atmosphere lends itself perfectly to this, only the sound of birds and air in the foliage is present, your mind can calm down. Take the time to close your eyes and let your ears listen to the sounds of nature.

Evasion: After breathing, being inspired, relaxing properly, the time for escape has come.

Just like the flight of the ducks, your mind can escape… In winter, many ducks such as the green-winged teal or the whistling duck are found on the marsh. In the evening, these species disperse to the shallow peripheral marshes where they feed all night. During the pre-breeding migrations in February, the marsh also plays an important role for many waterfowl species. In the spring, it attracts thousands of birds in migratory stage. Sougeal becomes, for hundreds of species, the main site of parking at the scale of the bay (pintail and teal). To see the ballet of the birds as much in the air as on the water, will take you in a world of nature, favourable with the escape!

Our advice:

We invite you to end your escapade at the Maison du Marais. This space of discovery of the reserve set up by the Community of Communes of the Pays-de-Dol and the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. Here, you will find different mediation tools that allow you to understand the history of the site, its functioning, its traditional uses and of course its ecological value… Maps, timeline, video screens, will be as many ways to approach the richness of the marsh. And above all, take advantage of the outings offered by the Maison du Marais to see the ballet of birds in the air and on the water, and to experience a world of nature that is conducive to escape!

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Swamp of Sougeal