Treasure #5The must-sees of the Écrin Sauvage
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The must-sees of the Écrin Sauvage

Water, air and wildlife

A wild treasure!

Not all treasures can be measured by their value, this one is distinguished by its exceptional natural heritage. The Sougéal Marsh, classified as a Remarkable Area of Brittany®, reveals 175 hectares of preserved nature, isolated from the hustle and bustle of the world. On its banks, different observatories offer you breathtaking views on these lacustrine aspects.

Good to know!

The Maison du Marais opens its doors to you to discover the different types of fauna and flora: 60 species of birds, a wide variety of amphibians, 360 kinds of plants flourish there as well as dragonflies and damselflies.


The Sougéal Marsh

The Sougéal Marsh is the ideal place: a case of serenity, calm and biodiversity. Classified as a Remarkable Area of Brittany® unveils 175 hectares of preserved nature, isolated from the hustle and bustle of the world. On its shores, various observatories offer you breathtaking views of these lacustrine aspects.I want to do this walk


Nature outing in the Marsh

Take a deep breath of fresh air and go to meet the fauna and flora of the Sougéal Marsh. Pikes, migratory birds, amphibians, dragonflies, and more than 360 floral species are waiting for you. A bucolic moment for young and old!”I want to do this walk


Visit the church of Broualan

Broualan, a small wooded parish where nearly 400 souls live. Its 15th-century church, dedicated to Our Lady of All Joys, is listed as a Historic Monument. A legend attributes its construction to a lady from Landal, in fulfillment of a vow she made to obtain the return of her husband, but it seems more likely that it was raised by the generosity of the locals.I want to go on this walk


Discover Pleine-Fougères

Classified as a Commune of the Rural Heritage of Brittany, owes its name to a plant that grows there in abundance: Pleine-Fougères. The megalith of the Roche Buquet attests that the site has been inhabited for 5 millennia. According to the legend, it is attributed to Bertrand du Guesclin a popular saying that “when Roche-Buquet falls, the end of the world will arrive”.I want to do this walk


La Maison du Sabot

This museographic space, located in Trans-la-Forêt, is dedicated to Ferdinand Laigle, the last clog maker in the region, and the making of wooden clogs. In the Villecartier forest, as in the important forests, lived at the beginning of the century many families who lived from the exploitation of wood.I want to do this walk


L’étang du Pas-Gérault

The ponds of Sains (Pas Gérault, Pissot, le Grand étang) were built to supply water to the mills. This walk in the middle of nature will allow you to observe many birds (ducks, geese, moorhens, great crested grebes…). The pond is an ideal place for relaxation: many species of fish are caught there: eels, carp, roach, bream, tench… The aquatic environment is favorable to the frequentation of various species of damselflies, dragonflies and butterflies, just like the birds (kingfishers) which often make a stop there. The picnic area encourages you to take a break.I want to do this walk

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