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during a boat trip

SMBMSM - Stroll in the bay Echappée Malouine - Saint-Malo (21)SMBMSM - Stroll in the bay Echappée Malouine - Saint-Malo (21)
©SMBMSM - Stroll in the bay Echappée Malouine - Saint-Malo (21)

Take the time to welcome Dutch influencers during a boat trip in the bay of Saint-Malo!

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Many of my friends tell me that I am a tourist! That my job is a vacation! Well, I'm not going to contradict them...

Escape & Welcome

On the orders of my hierarchy, here I am embarked on the boat of our partner l’Échappée Malouine to welcome with dignity some Dutch influencers! And as the name suggests, I really escaped from my routine to find myself in the bay of Saint-Malo, discovering our treasures.After meeting up with my new Dutch friends, we waited patiently at the Cale de Dinan, at the foot of the Saint-Malo ramparts, for our privatized boat for a getaway! Even in anticipation, we are already gone because watching the stream of visitors waiting for their departure for the waves, it is already an escape!”

Our private guide for this afternoon is Florian, who knows about the nooks and crannies of the Bay of Saint-Malo, he tells us the history of Saint-Malo, the forts and the islets! It is a treat for the eyes and ears!”Florian welcomes us perfectly, “a small drink, a small coffee … ladies” Four-star service!”On his boat provided for 7 people, we settle comfortably, with our small wools in hand because at sea, it is cooler than on land!”And here we are, I forget my work and I take myself for an influencer!” The sea becomes my muse! I have fun re-discovering what I already know, I am surprised to look with new eyes, I take photos and videos like a professional!”And all this with the sea spray caressing my face, it’s a real pleasure!”There’s no need to say, nothing better than a walk on the sea to put his ideas in place. To take a breath of fresh air and reconnect with nature!

We go from meeting to meeting, small sailboats from the sailing school brings back childhood memories of sailing courses … Forts, islets of our coastline … Fishermen’s traps … Florian explains everything!I translate some information into English for our influencer friends, they are overwhelmed by the beauty of the Bay of Saint-Malo. They are at the four corners of the boat to take the maximum number of shots, videos … It’s their job after all!

We even took the time to go and see our neighbors from Dinard! And yes, it’s beautiful there too! And then, it is there that there is the best view of St. Malo so we are in heaven! It is during moments like this that I am proud of my job, to discover our Destination and share this love!” Because yes, here we speak well of love!

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