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Ruettes de Saint-SuliacRuettes de Saint-Suliac
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Explore a house of enthusiasts!

Come and discover a Sulawesi house full of curiosity and collection! A discovery that we share with you…


At the bend of a small road in one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France, La Maison des Collections invites us to discover the Saint-Suliac of the past but also transports us into the closed world of private collections!

One visit, 3 in 1!

A three-in-one visit!

Saint-Suliac, its banks of the Rance, its church (and its surprising stained glass window that I invite you to go see), its ruettes… and its Maison des Collections! In the heart of the village, not far from the Tourist Information Office, La Maison des Collections nestles in the heart of this magnificent village with its traditional stone houses.We have an appointment with Michel Brut, curator of the museum, for a private visit of this so particular place, fruit of his work in association with a collector… of banknotes!

We go back in time!

From former asinerie to museum

1 ruette Guitton, the museum blends into the building, it is normal since it nestles in a traditional house suliaçaise. Composed of 14 rooms, we discover a typical house, for those who are not lucky enough to have friends or family in the village.The visit begins with a presentation of the house: Michel helps us to decode the building elements in order to discover the utility of the rooms: a paved floor, a wide access from the outside, of course, it was the asinery! The donkeys were widely used in Saint-Suliac for the daily work. In the next room, a particular staircase attracts the attention: it is about a “breaker bales”, on which were broken the bales of hay, thrown from the floor where they were stored, ingenious!

The collections: a surprising universe

Beyond the character of the place, each room of the museum highlights a private collection, because this is indeed the primary objective of La Maison, to open to the public collections that normally are hidden from view…The largest collection presented is that of the owner of the premises, founder of the museum: banknotes. From all ages, from the four corners of the world, unusual, rare or even erroneous, each of these banknotes tells a story, the History, the monetary evolutions, of our country or of far away countries. A feast for the eyes, with fine drawings, color, a multitude of details… With each piece we change atmosphere: porcelain dolls, postcards, miniature perfumes, and earthenware from Malicorne. These famous earthenware pieces are taken from the book “La galerie armoricaine” by Hyppolite Lalaisse in which the draftsman made lithographs of costumes and picturesque views of Brittany.Michel’s comments give us a new look at the work of the collectors, the history and the interest of each collection.

The opportunity to go inside a typical Saint-Suliac house!

Life in Saint-Suliac in the early 20th

The 500 square meters of La Maison des Collections, spread over 3 levels, also retraces the life of the Suliaçais in the last century. From baptism to marriage through school and religious celebrations, we follow the life of a child of the village born around 1900. The visit of the museum ends with a room dedicated to the Terre-Neuvas, these valiant fishermen who forged the character of the village. At the end of the visit, we leave with a lot of anecdotes and a new look on the life of Saint-Suliac in the past!

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