Treasure #7The Ille-et-Rance Canal - the Green Diamond
Simon Bourcier Canal D Ille Et Rance Hede Bazouges Simon Bourcier 6654Simon Bourcier Canal D Ille Et Rance Hede Bazouges Simon Bourcier 6654
©Simon Bourcier Canal D Ille Et Rance Hede Bazouges Simon Bourcier 6654|©
A marvel of serenity!

The Canal d’Ille et Rance The Green Diamond

Here, the color green reveals all its facets. From Saint-Domineuc to Hédé-Bazouges, passing by Tinténiac… the canal is the ideal place to stroll, walk, cycle or kayak. Added to this bucolic setting are ponds and rivers, real natural treasures. Close by, take the opportunity to admire the remarkable churches of Cardroc, les Iffs, Saint-Brieuc-des-iffs, Québriac… true nuggets of the territory. Go in pursuit of this green diamond.

The Ille-et-Rance Canal

The bucolic adventure

In 1804, began the construction of a canal that was almost destined for you.Of course, at that time, it was a strategic decision of Napoleon Bonaparte in reaction to a maritime blockade by the English: it was planned to carry goods between Rennes and Saint-Malo. Then, at the beginning of the 20th century, the railroad and the roads put an end to its first life. It now has a very different vocation: to transport emotions! What more beautiful way than this one to take in nature, breathe, recharge your batteries and enjoy the present moment. The most impressive part of the work is concentrated on the 11 locks of Hédé-Bazouges. A test of ingenuity for a beautiful line through fields. There are a thousand ways to discover the canal: by taking its towpaths, by walking on the GR37®, by climbing on your bikes, by riding a horse, or by sailing.


It’s impossible to get lost on this part of the map. There are little diamonds everywhere that show you the way. Diamonds of opaque stones on the outside, and flooded with clarity on the inside. The most robust diamond is the castle of Montmuran. The other diamonds can be explored in silence, in contemplation, with your eyes turned towards the heavens. Thus, discover the church of Saint-Ouen-des-Iffs with an important set of stained glass windows from the 16th century, the church of Cardroc with its original ceiling in the shape of a ship’s hull, or the church of Québriac which has the particularity of being surmounted by a twisted bell tower, or, in other words, a slate spiral spire of the 17th century. Monuments that remind us that diamonds, even of stone, are truly eternal.

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