A work of art in the heart of a church.

Odorico and the church of the Holy Trinity in Tinténiac

gTexereau - Mosaic by Odorico Church of the Holy Trinity in TinténiacgTexereau - Mosaic by Odorico Church of the Holy Trinity in Tinténiac
©gTexereau - Mosaic by Odorico Church of the Holy Trinity in Tinténiac

At Tinténiac, in romantic Brittany, hides a nugget!

More precisely, in the heart of the Church of the Holy Trinity, you can discover a work of art, that of the famous mosaicist Isidore Odorico. This artist from a family of Italian artisans established in Rennes, has worked on many works in the West including the fresco present within the church of the Holy Trinity.

The church that holds a treasure!

Before discovering this work, let’s first talk about the church that contains this nugget.

The Church of the Holy Trinity was built by architect Arthur Regnault, at the beginning of the 20th century.The monumentality of the church is remarkable with its unhooked gables, of different heights and sizes, the roofs with varied slopes, the octagonal lantern tower, the twenty bell towers, the bays in round arches.The interior is composed of a magnificent high altar in the form of a kiosk. Charles Lorin, a famous glassmaker from Chartres, made the stained glass windows, between arabesques and medallions, representing the virtues and the sacrament.Go around to contemplate the original building, the vestiges of the past are present as the mark of Tinténiac’s heritage.A number of very interesting elements of the old church are re-employed such as, on the east side, the 15th century nave door and the large glass roof of the old church chevet, or the 1555 mortuary door on the square, given to the parish by Admiral Gaspard de Coligny. 

Enter & Admire

We invite you to come in and take a few minutes by stopping silently in the pews of this church. Admire the flowery decoration of the high altar, a mosaic pattern designed and created by Odorico. He also decorated with his art the tiers and the dome. Your eyes will be caught by the colors that this decor offers: blue, green, red and even more: gold!”The colors and details are remarkable and we see here all the work done by the artist. In addition, the white stone arches and balconies blend with the fine gilding of the decor.

The brightness of this place envelops us and we are invited to an inner exploration.

Considered one of the most remarkable 19th century churches in the department, the Church of the Holy Trinity was classified Historical Monument of France in 2016.For photo lovers, you will be delighted with all the details that this Church of the Holy Trinity offers.

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