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The church of Saint Ouen des Iffs


And if you push the door of one of the most beautiful rural churches of the department! Discover one of the treasures of romantic Brittany: the church of Saint-Ouen des Iffs!

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In the heart of romantic Brittany, located on the small commune of Les Iffs, the church of Saint-Ouen des Iffs owes its prosperity to the pilgrimage to St. Fiacre, to the flourishing trade of the cloth merchants, and to the proximity of the Château de Montmuran.

A remarkable architecture

A representative exterior of Breton churches…

Like many Breton churches, Saint-Ouen Church is characterized by its location in the heart of a parish enclosure where there are several century-old iffs, including one classified as a “remarkable tree”. A parish enclosure is a religious complex grouping a church, a cemetery, a calvary and an ossuary in the same enclosure.


the treasures of the Saint-Ouen church

The building of the site was undertaken by the lords of the castle of Montmuran, the Laval in the 15th century and the Coligny in the 16th century. The church is characterized by its flamboyant Gothic style and its entrance porch pierced by 3 pointed arch arches which still houses the stone benches, formerly intended for lepers who could not attend services. In 1875,Rennais architect Arthur Regnault undertook the construction of an openwork and richly sculpted bell tower in the Finisterian Gothic style.To discover the real treasures of the church, you have to push the doors. As you enter, you will have the opportunity to admire the magnificent 16th century stained glass windows depicting the passion of Christ, two beautiful polychromed wooden bas-reliefs representing the twelve apostles, a carved font dating from 1458, and a richly decorated choir. We invite you to look up to enjoy the lovely vault in the shape of an inverted ship’s hull.

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explore the surroundings by going to the Saint-Fiacre Fountain, it is possible to visit the castle of Montmuran in season and the 11 locks of Hédé-Bazouges, a very beautiful example of human engineering.

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