Treasure #3The Gold of the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay
Tide when you hold us!

The Gold of the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay

With a tidal range of 13 meters, take advantage of the receding sea to survey a dream setting, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This mythical bay with golden reflections will delight your senses with its unobstructed view of a jewel surrounded by water: the Mont Saint-Michel. You will meet nature-loving hikers on the famous Breton path, the GR® 34. These treasures are priceless, a preserved fauna and flora await you. It is also the perfect spot to learn how to sail a sand yacht!

The Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel

Gold in its raw state

Here, your eyes will confirm that you are contemplating a wonder. A unique maritime landscape, record-breaking tides and changing colors as the hours go by… Welcome to the majestic Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. The beauty of this natural setting, designed for thousands of years by the comings and goings of the English Channel, is worth all the gold in the world. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel is a superlative site. Starting with its tides, the largest in Europe: up to 13 meters in amplitude! Once you have your feet firmly planted in your boots, go and explore the place. Discover the bay with a guide or walk along the spongy shores and the grasslands where sheep graze. Between the changing lights, the view on the Mont Saint-Michel and the iodized shells sleeping at your feet, you will be amazed! This preserved area is also bordered by the GR34® trail for hiking lovers. Take the opportunity to follow the route des Moulins or escape and visit the Chappe Telegraph. This bay is a gold mine for nature lovers.

The Wind King

Put the sails on

It pushes, it blows away, it inspires, it gives energy…but you will never see it because this treasure is invisible.The wind gives all its majesty to the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, it shapes the landscapes and accompanies the men since ever. It is the painter who creates incredible and changing lights by making the clouds move, and above all it is a natural and free force of propulsion to have fun in freedom. On the beaches of Cherrueix and Hirel, take advantage of its vigor to glide on huge beaches on board your sand yacht; two dream spots for this activity. If you prefer to glide on the sea, you are also in the right place. The Bay is the ideal playground for all water sports. With sail: catamaran, windsurfing, kitesurfing… Take a breath and let the winds carry you.

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