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Balcony of the Bay

Belvedere Roz Sur Couesnon Simon Bourcier 855Belvedere Roz Sur Couesnon Simon Bourcier 855
©Belvedere Roz Sur Couesnon Simon Bourcier 855|©simonbourcier.com
A panoramic garden with a view on the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and the Mont

And why not, take the height to admire one of the most beautiful views of our Destination!

We introduce you,

The Balcony of the Bay

A wide angle view that one discovers and admires with great interest!

Located in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel in Roz-sur-Couesnon, a mountain-like massif is worth the detour, go up near the Town Hall, where a garden offers a unique panorama on the different landscapes of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. From here you can understand all the richness of the Bay with the variations of landscapes, colors and contrasts. The grid and the isolation of the farms sheltered by dikes, the polders that extend to Mont Saint-Michel and where sheep graze.We invite you to stop here for a little while, and observe these successive enchanting landscapes.

The grid:

The grid of farms colors the landscape before our eyes. Marks the different cultures of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and the small beige spots, these are the salt meadow sheep.In this straight and so lively landscape shows that man has taken his place here.

The polders:

Let’s linger for a few minutes, in order to understand this landscape and talk a little about polders, because at one time, there was no question of polders, the shores of the Four Salt Works were still the subject of a salt exploitation according to the rules of “Quart-bouillon”. Under the old regime, salt was the subject of a famous tax, the gabelle. In the kingdom, there were six different tax regimes on salt. The territory of the bay benefited from an exceptional regime called “Quart-bouillon”. The use of salt from salt marshes was prohibited. Only fire salt produced locally in the salt works could be used. The reclamation companies then worked to gain land on the sea and this until the late 1960s.The toponymy of the places still reflects this history, it is the legacy of this use of the Bay.Little more: Go back down to the polders, you can visit the House of the Polders and take part in one of the organized outings.

And in the distance … but not so far!

The silhouette of Mont Saint-Michel emerging in a landscape where flatness reigns supreme and shows its imposing stature. Like a lighthouse at sea, it is there to show us the way, to orient us!

To the discovery of our emotions and sensations …

The softness of the colors envelops us and we are attracted by the Mont Saint-Michel that is revealed here. We take height in our desires and we take the time to admire these rich landscapes. And above all we are filled with joy that gives us this discovery of the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel wide open! And to discover even more, we invite you to take an outing in the bay with the Bay House, they offer fishing outings, discoveries and also outings to the Hermelles bank.


the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel

Monumental. Surprising. Unmissable. The former submarine base, built by the German army during World War II, still dominates the port. We invite you to discover this extraordinary place of memory.

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