Treasure #3The must-sees of the Bay's Gold
Chapelle Sainte Anne De La Greve Saint Broladre Simon Bourcier 925Chapelle Sainte Anne De La Greve Saint Broladre Simon Bourcier 925
©Chapelle Sainte Anne De La Greve Saint Broladre Simon Bourcier 925|©

Gold of the Bay must-sees

A unique natural landscape, record tides and changing colors as the hours go by… Welcome to the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, a wonderful treasure chest.

Gold in its raw state

The Bay offers itself to you!

Discover the majestic Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel which stretches from Cancale to Granville, this immense natural maritime space classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979 and a Natura 2000 site. It offers an astonishing natural spectacle, especially during the high tides, but also sports activities and a quality gastronomy.

Good to know!

Marée quand tu nous tiens!

With a tidal range of 13 meters, take advantage of the receding sea to survey a dream setting, classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site. This mythical bay with golden reflections will delight your senses with its unobstructed view of a jewel surrounded by water: the Mont Saint-Michel. You will meet nature-loving hikers on the famous Breton path, the GR 34®. These treasures are priceless, a preserved fauna and flora await you. It is also the perfect spot to learn how to sail a sand yacht.


Fishing on foot and crossing in the Bay

Get your rake and your musette, and go for a fishing session on foot in the bay. You’ll make some great finds there!Step into the shoes of the pilgrims and set out to discover the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel during a crossing, accompanied by a guide. On foot or on horseback, you will discover the secrets of this exceptional ecosystem! Be amazed by these landscapes with surprising shades of color and unsuspected natural riches. An unforgettable experience!


Myster and Shellfish Farming

What other place in the world can offer such a setting for shellfish? The Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel is the leading shellfish production basin in France. The leading European basin for flat oysters. Everywhere, life flourishes naturally to the rhythm of the tides. Each year, about 10,000 tons of bouchot mussels, certified PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) are harvested. This mollusk is among the richest foods in iron, calcium, zinc and selenium. So, after your long walk, regain your strength by cooking them in a thousand different ways: marinated or in cream, au gratin, en papillote or a la plancha… A moment of pure pleasure to share with friends or family.


The polders

This treasure shaped by man, has a Flemish name because it is the work of a Belgian engineer: Mosselmann. To allow you to access this unusual and bucolic landscape of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, we have created trails that respect biodiversity. Without any other noise than the cry of the birds, on foot or by bike, discover the fascinating history of the place and take advantage of numerous and remarkable viewpoints on the Mont Saint-Michel. The village of Les 4 Salines is a good starting point, with the Maison des Polders to satisfy your curiosity about the local activities and riches. This site, classified as intangible heritage, is home to a rich and responsible agriculture, made by women and men who fight for their land and their know-how.


Saint Anne’s Chapel and the Duchess Anne’s Dike

This chapel is dedicated to Saint Anne. Invoked here to ensure the protection of the marshes against the invasion of the tide.At the foot of the Sainte-Anne Chapel, from left to right, the Duchess Anne’s dike that runs from Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes to Saint-Broladre.


The Balcony of the Bay

A panoramic garden with a view of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and the Mont Saint-Michel. Come and admire one of the most beautiful views of our Destination!


The Mills

Admire the three granite windmills, near the commune of Cherrueix: the mill of Colimassière and the mill of Mondrins. Listed as historical monuments, these mills bear witness to the important cereal activity of the Dol marsh. + house of local products…


Lamb des prés-salés

Lamb de Prés-Salés has a particular taste and texture because it is raised to the rhythm of the tides in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. The ewes and their young graze in meadows regularly covered by the sea, hence their name of salt meadows. In these meadows, plants capable of withstanding the salt grow and form a unique and original meal for the herbivores.

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