The Sainte Anne Chapel

So magical that it's a nugget!
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The Sainte-Anne Chapel, a nugget that you will find in our preserved treasures. An invitation to contemplation to admire the heritage and the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel.

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When you arrive,

a divine silence envelops you, your eyes get lost in the richness of the landscape. Located in Saint-Broladre, at the eastern end of the dike of Duchess Anne is the Chapel of Saint Anne!A chapel sitting in front of the waves, admiring as you the magnificent Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, being lulled by the song of birds in a place classified Grand Site National de la Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel and also in UNESCO. You will notice the simplicity of this chapel in such a rich environment!At the foot of the Sainte-Anne Chapel, from left to right, the Duchess Anne dike that runs from Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes to Saint-Broladre. The construction of this dike began in the 11th century, in connection with the origins of the chapel, which was built in the Middle Ages.This chapel is dedicated to Saint Anne. Invoked here to ensure the protection of the marshes against the invasion of the tide.

Small chapel with a room and an altar facing the entrance. The campanile with a small bell tower is set on a double slope roof. On the building, one can read an inscription which indicates that the chapel was rebuilt by the alms of Brother Abbot rector of Saint-Broladre and his parishioners in 1684, the construction is completed in 1687, date inscribed on the bell tower. It was built on the site of a former chapel, said to be built of wood, from the 11th century.In 1818, this chapel was returned to the commune of Saint-Broladre. This date marks the re-establishment of worship, the resumption of processions as well as the restoration of the building. It is a renowned place of devotion.

The chapel is the witness to a long tradition and is a rendezvous for many faithful on the occasion of the pardon of Saint Anne. Mass is celebrated and followed by a procession on the dike with its wooden statue. The pardon of St. Anne used to gather between 5,000 and 6,000 people.Now every summer, the fourth Sunday in July, it still welcomes many faithful.The plus is that this chapel becomes a place of exhibition in summer. The perfect place for inspiration and artistic creation, the Friends of St. Anne’s Chapel Association understand this! Green, sand, gray, blue, …. A palette of colors, is offered to us!

So enter …

to see inside the 19th century altarpiece that decorates the room that shows devotion and is part of the liturgical ritual. There is also a painting that lists the names of the survivors of the camps of the Second World War. If you look up, you can see a beautiful wooden vault with a round arch. This type of roofing is common in Brittany for chapels.

Take the time to admire

As you leave the chapel, take the time to stop, you will be dazzled by one of the most beautiful views of the Bay. Behind it existed a small building, now gone, which served as a customs relay between the eastern and western parts of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. This relay was used to monitorthe transactions of salt extraction.You can also see a geodesic terminal which is used to set up the cartography and know the longitude, latitude and altitude.Admire the different landscapes that make up this bay: the herbus, natural grassland covered by the sea during the high tides, the polders, the dyke and of course the Mont Saint-Michel. We are bathed by the richness of the fauna and flora present here. Hosting thousands of migratory birds, refuge of salt meadow sheep, playground of dragonflies and amphibians, place of amusement of fishermen on foot who find oysters, cockles, razor clams and shrimp. All the traditional images are there. You can see the changing bay…

This detour is a must to be able to understand the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and our traditions.

An invitation to hike …

Open to all lovers of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, this is the starting point for so many things! Here we are welcomed by the birds, here everything can start: biking, horseback riding, fishing on foot, contemplation… So many possibilities are available to us! Find all our nature expeditions.


the Sainte-Anne Chapel

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