Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast

All the information about the classifications and labels for the guest rooms.

Definition of a guest room

Article L 324-3 of the Tourism Code defines guest rooms as rooms furnished in the home of the inhabitant with a view to welcoming tourists, for a fee, for one or more nights, accompanied by services.The guest room or rooms must be located in the house or apartment of the inhabitant. The rent of a guest room includes the grouped supply of a night and the breakfast. The reception is provided by the inhabitant. The guest rooms are limited to 5 rooms for a maximum capacity of 15 people. Each guest room has access (directly or indirectly) to a bathroom and a toilet. It must be in conformity with the regulations on hygiene, safety and salubrity. Unlike a furnished tourist accommodation, a guest room cannot be classified in stars but only labeled (or certified). Quality labels have been developed to qualify the offer of service providers who respect official quality standards and indicate to consumers the quality of a service. A label is a guarantee of quality and comfort that reassures the customer about environmental, comfort and equipment requirements, in compliance with the quality charter specific to each label.


The different labels and certification firms:

Bed and Breakfast FranceEach establishment is assigned a category, based on an evaluation grid.The label lists the rooms in suns: 1 to 4 suns.BedBreak France12 rue des Tulipes, 85100 LES SABLES D’OLONNEbab@bedbreak.comBienvenue au ChâteauNetwork of guest rooms exclusively located in castles, manors and private homes.No notion of categoryBienvenue au ChâteauChâteau de Chambiers, 49430 DURTAL.Tél. 06 70 22 50 55Welcome to the farmLabel reserved for farmers, declined according to different types of accommodation: furnished and gites, campgrounds and guest rooms located in farmers’ homes.No concept of categoryWelcome to the farmChambres d’agricultureRue Maurice Le Lannou, 35000 RENNESTél. 02 23 48 27 73Cabinet V. Letellier (certification firm)The Chambre d’hôtes Certification validates a “minimum” qualification for a quality guest room – without any notion of category. Unlike a label, no promotion is provided; only the Tourist Offices will propose communication supports.Cabinet V.Letellier1 allée Mairie Le Vaillant, 22000 SAINT-BRIEUCTél. 06 87 36 94 19Charme BretagnePromotion of exceptional residences (manors, castles…) and of charm in Brittany. 2 types of accommodation: bed and breakfast and gites.Charme Bretagne – Associatif Quimper Cornouaille1 allée Mgr Jean-René Calloc’h, 29000 QUIMPERTél. 06 33 33 37 63ClévacancesCharter based on the quality and the level of equipment of the accommodation. Different types of accommodation offered: houses and cottages, apartments or studios, residences, guest rooms, unusual vacation rentals and environmental qualification…The rooms are listed in keys: 1 to 4 keys.Clévacances 354 place de l’église, 35430 SAINT-JOUAN-DES-GUERETTel. 06 71 21 63 63Fleurs de soleilLabel registered by the Association “Les Maisons d’Amis en France” 2 types of accommodation: bed and breakfast and gites.Fleurs de Soleil25 chemin du Santon, 06130 GRASSETel. 06 27 82 89 99 / 06 68 56 40 73Gîtes de France® Ille et Vilaine Gites de France® accompanies projects and labels tourist accommodations in the countryside, on the seaside or even in the city with its “City-Break” brand. Whether it is for vacation homes, apartments, guest rooms or group gites, the labeling is concretized by obtaining the mark with a number of ears of corn ranging from 1 to 5.Gîtes de France® Ille et Vilaine103 A avenue Henri Fréville BP 7033635203 RENNES Cedex 2Tel. 02 99 22 68 65

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