Portrait of the Saint Malo Agglomeration territory


Portrait of the territory

Orange Business Service has developed an innovative solution: Flux Vision Tourisme (FVT), which converts technical information from the mobile network into statistical indicators, in order to evaluate the number of visitors and the mobility of customers, at the level of territories and events. The SPL Destination Saint-Malo – Baie du Mont Saint-Michel is a partner of the Agency for Saint-Malo Agglomeration. In this context, the Agency has established the first Portrait of the territory of Saint-Malo Agglomeration, thanks to the data collected in 2021 by Orange. In 2014, the ADT had also been able to observe the attendance of the Route du Rhum on Saint-Malo.

The territory portrait presents:

  • the general framework of the territory (population, standard of living, employment, housing)
  • the tourism offer (heritage, accommodation, events, soft itineraries…)
  • the balance of annual attendance by day, stay…
  • the balance of other attendance (leisure facilities, accommodation).

The data concern tourists, excursionists, French and foreign overnight stays, age, profile of visitors (urban, rural, CSP, families, couples …). They provide information on the territory’s tourist activity, facilitate knowledge and identify possible levers for the development of local tourist activity.