Testimonials from our travel consultants


Testimonials from our travel consultants

On the front line throughout the summer, the reception team has grown considerably with the arrival of seasonal reinforcements. In just a few days, the new consultants discover our region and dive into an ocean of information to answer the many complex questions of our visitors in all our reception points. From Saint-Broladre to Saint-Lô, passing through Germany, Argentina, the banks of the Rance and the Vendée, whether they are new or have been with the team for a long time, find the testimonies of 7 of our consultants who are completely invested in their team work. Thank you to them for taking the time to share their experiences and write down their feelings, and thank you to the whole team for their spirit.

Naya Knoche My name is Naya, I am 20 years old and I am German. I am studying a French-German degree and the two-month internship (July/August) is part of my degree. I was welcomed at the tourist office and during my three days of training I already learned a lot about the work at the tourist office. My integration went well, but as a German I still had difficulties. The language barrier is always present, but whenever I have language difficulties, the staff at the tourist office is always happy to help me. In general, I enjoy working as a tourist consultant. You are always in contact with people from different departments in France and from different countries. Every day, you make new experiences and you learn a lot about the French culture and the city of Saint-Malo, even giving information.Victoria MichonI’m Victoria, I’m 22 years old and I’ve been working for a month at the tourist office of Saint-Malo and Dol-de-Bretagne as a stay advisor. It’s a seasonal job which is in total adequacy with my studies in tourism. I have just obtained my BTS in tourism and I’m entering a degree in Tourism Destinations, Heritage and Territorial Marketing. My role is to inform, animate and promote the territory by relying on our many partners. I sometimes feel like the first interface for visitors who are lost when faced with a multitude of things to do in our cities. This year I feel they are numerous and very dynamic! They want to discover the city more independently than accompanied in my opinion, and they are always looking for know-how about our destination, typical products and unique adventures. There are tourists but there are also local visitors who come to discover what is not far from their home, these people are always looking for new festivities and want to move but not far from their home. These visitors are looking for a festive atmosphere, especially in the evening. I love my job and the whole team is passionate about it. Visitors are also looking for advice on experiences they have had or tested with our partners and they rely heavily on the experiences we have had. They are numerous and come from the four corners of the world, we have in front of us different visitor profiles (families, elderly people, people with disabilities, couples…) and each request is uniqueIt is a job of passion and listening that I also have the chance to complete as a greeter!Blandine JaillotHello, my name is Blandine, I am a law student and yet I am working as a seasonal employee at the Saint-Malo Intercommunal Tourist Office for my third season.There are many reasons why I always enjoy coming back to work at the offices. First of all, the team. Whether it’s the permanent or seasonal staff, they are kind, professional, helpful, attentive to others, there is a nice cohesion… In short, always a great team! Secondly, the work itself, the diversity of tasks (reception at the counter, telephone, taking care of the ticketing, mail…). Finally, the location, I have the chance to work at the same time at the office of Saint-Malo and Dol-de-Bretagne, it is always a pleasure to represent a destination like ours: its diversity and its beauty are not debatable.

Marine Le GuenCurrently on a fixed-term contract at the Saint-Malo office until the end of the Route du Rhum, I’m working as a stay advisor for the 4th consecutive season. During the previous seasons, I was still studying and I only worked during the high season. This year for the first time, I have the opportunity to see the difference in traffic and rhythm between July and August and the rest of the year. We are only halfway through the summer, but it is already obvious that there are many more visitors than in the previous two years. The pace at the reception is fast, the languages varied, and the requests numerous. As in previous years, the reception team is incredible and affinities are created, allowing for a nice cohesion. The relationship with the administration is top, we feel supported.The new editions of the Saint-Malo maps seem to please visitors a lot, who are less hesitant to pay 0,50€ to have more information on the different tourist attractions.Philomène SteffanResidence advisor since last year, I work at the tourist office of Saint-Malo and also in the tourist information offices of Cancale and Saint-Suliac. I am also in charge of the local information, which consists in looking for interesting tourist articles for the whole team. I notice that the frequentation is important since the beginning of the season, the types of visitors are varied (as well as locals, in particular for the event ticketing; excursionists; tourists).I have noticed that visitors are often on the lookout for the preferential rates available, we have many requests on all of the ticketing services we offer (ease for visitors to book in advance).moreover, with the periods of heatwave, many requests are turned towards nautical activities, excursions to the sea, walks in shady places. Visitors ask for advice on beaches and especially those pleasant for swimming. Amalia LandaburuMy name is Amalia, I am a seasonal stay consultant. I come from Argentina and I arrived in France 3 years ago. I have a master’s degree in tourism and I am a tour guide.I have the pleasure to be part of the reception team for the 2022 season at the office of Saint Malo and also at the BIT of Dol de Bretagne.This is a brand new experience for me that allowed me to put forward my foreign language skills and my vocation of service. I found a team that listens and supports me, which gave me the opportunity to quickly learn about the destination, which is very rich. Welcoming tourists gives the opportunity to meet all types of people, characters and nationalities, which enriches the open mind.From the most demanding tourist to the funniest one with extravagant questions (Is it compulsory to go barefoot to the Fort du Petit Bé or is it in the Saint Vincent cathedral that Cartier the jeweler is buried?), everything represents a challenge that nourishes me both professionally and personally. Dominique MartelI am Dominique, referent of the Bit of Dol-de-Bretagne, tourist advisor and guide, a function where I blossom fully by sharing with visitors, the history and heritage of the city where I have lived for 30 years and for which I am passionate.I feel at home in this close-knit and supportive team, most of which is made up of young people who I often say could be my children, and with whom I have a good rapport! And then there is the work of welcoming and providing information at the counter, with a very diverse public with various questions and interests. This is what makes this mission so “charming”. And it’s the same thing during guided tours with a very varied public for which I have to adapt. I never know what will be asked of me and this can sometimes hold surprises!