The Abgrall Mystery


Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The Abgrall Mystery

On this occasion, the tourist information office of Combourg tried to solve the investigation, before the official launch of this stage on June 13.kits are available free of charge for investigators who want to go in search of the treasure. The quest: Erwann Abgrall, a rich eccentric from Brittany, has disappeared, leaving behind a huge fortune, albeit of mysterious origin. Maître Braouzec, a notary in Rennes, has been asked to settle the estate of the deceased. It is not every day that such a file arrives on his desk! Only, the case looks thorny: Erwann Abgrall left neither a will nor an heir. Worse, the usual genealogical research, however Braouzec’s great specialty, did not give any result…More info on :