10 reasons to become a Partner
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10 reasons to become a Partner

Our 10 good reasons to become a partner, in order to offer you our services and our commitments.

Why become

partner of Destination Saint-Malo Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel ?


a network of more than 1,500 professional partners willing to communicate and help each other in a homogeneous way. Since 2017, the tourist offices of the Saint-Malo Agglomeration territory have merged to create a Local Public Company, Destination Saint-Malo Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel.As a result, our network has grown considerably and has gained in richness and collaboration.


on a territory ranging from Saint-Malo (1st Breton destination and 10th French tourist destination) to the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel through Romantic Brittany. Becoming a partner will allow you to benefit from a territorial, national and international communication.Your information and brochures will be distributed on all the offices of the territory and on the flagship website.You will also benefit from our communication actions aimed at promoting the territory in Europe under the banner “Saint-Malo Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel Tourisme”.


your visibility through dedicated tools such as the general public website www.saint-malo-tourisme.com or via our dedicated sites for groups, business tourism or the press site.


your professional network through our informational meetings, training sessions and annual consulting appointments.


by improving your knowledge of the destination and its issues via meetings and feedback. Becoming a partner also means receiving our newsletter on a regular basis to keep you up to date with our communication actions and major events of the year. The Partners website and our professional Facebook page also allow you to stay connected to the news feed!


your business to wider targets. Thanks to our training and classification aids, you can, for example, obtain the Tourism and Handicap label and affirm your identity with this target. Thanks to our dedicated websites, you can also reach a group and business clientele. Our site, translated and referenced in several languages, also allows you to develop your visibility internationally.


your notoriety thanks to a global communication and our authorization to use our logo on all your print and web media.


from the 500,000 visitors welcomed each year in our premises and from 1 million internet users on the website. Additional reservations, promotions, calls, will be generated by your partnership with the Community Tourist Office.

9- [VISIBILITY 24/24]

thanks to our two digital screens available outside the Community Tourist Office of Saint-Malo and the Tourist Information Office of Saint-Coulomb.

10- [TIPS]

from our partnership, classification and communication managers throughout the year. You will be able to train in a field that you wish to develop for your business or for personal enrichment.

The 5 main missions of the SPL


tourists in the 6 reception poles of the territory: the Tourist Office of Saint-Malo and the Tourist Information Offices of Cancale, Saint-Coulomb, Saint-Suliac, Dol-de-Bretagne and Combourg.


a territory that includes 62 municipalities. Through our support, our advice, our print and web publications.


the attractiveness of the territory and its 2 flagship brands that are Saint-Malo and the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel


the actors of the territory. A common work between tourism professionals and institutions to highlight the richness of the territory.


a new brand image: “Saint-Malo Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel Tourism” thanks to a new digital marketing positioning. A desire to promote the territory internationally.


Destination Saint-Malo Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel is composed of 1 intercommunal Office (Saint Malo) and 5 Tourist Information Offices (Cancale, Saint-Coulomb, Combourg, Dol-de-Bretagne and Saint-Suliac).Under the regime of Local Public Company, Saint-Malo Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel Tourism has 25 employees year-round. The structure is divided into 4 poles:

  • Reception and Quality
  • Communication and Promotion
  • Partnership and Development
  • Engineering
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