By coach & minute drop-offs
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By coach & minute drop offs



At Saint-Malo

Parking Paul Féval

This parking lot is located on rue Paul Féval, behind the Saint-Malo racetrack. Parking spaces are provided for the parking of coaches all year round at the rate of 7.50 €/day limited to 5 days. On presentation of the parking ticket with line 2 and line 2 express of the MAT network, at the Féval stop located just in front of the parking lot exit, drivers will be able to go to Intra-Muros.Latitude : 48.64 | Longitude : -1.993

At Cancale

Parking of relief

Parking accessible by the street Olivier Biard, in front of the motorhome area (by the traffic circle). You can park your bus there during the day for free.Latitude : 48.67 | Longitude : -1.865

A Saint-Suliac

Football field

This parking lot is located on Route des Guettes. It is relatively far from the port of Saint-Suliac but allows you to park a coach for the day.Latitude: 48.57 | Longitude: -1.968

A Dol-de-Bretagne

Many possible parking lots:

Boulevard Deminiac,Latitude : 48.549 | Longitude : -1.752Boulevard Planson,Latitude : 48.547 | Longitude : -1.752Place Jean HamelinLatitude : 48.548 | Longitude : -1.755

A Combourg

Free coach parking, rue des Princes, near the Castle.Latitude: 48.409 | Longitude: -1.753

Bus drop-off

At Saint-Malo

Saint-Vincent EsplanadeThe Saint-Vincent Esplanade has a space reserved for coaches to drop off passengers. The latter is located in front of the Tourist Office. To access it from the chaussée du Sillon, at the traffic circle, take the first exit. Continue straight on for about 50 meters, the drop-off point will be on your right.Attention: the oval space located on the side of the Tourist Office is reserved for city buses.Latitude: 48.65 | Longitude: -2.021Grand’ porte1 location is available to drop off your passengers if they wish to access Saint-Malo Intra-Muros by the Grand’Porte. This location is at the Grand’Porte Quai Saint-Louis after the traffic circle when you take the Quai Saint-Vincent.Latitude: 48.64896 | Longitude: -2.023784

At Cancale

Port de la HouleWhen you take the Rue du Port to go down to the Port de la Houle, you will arrive at a traffic circle. You can drop off your passengers on the right at the Quai Gambetta.Latitude: 48.67 | Longitude: -1.854

A Dol-de-Bretagne

place de la cathédraleLatitude: 48.550 | Longitude: -1.756