Auditorium Institution la Providence Saint-Malo

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  • A little history
    The institution formerly called "the college of Saint-Malo" originates from the very old preceptorry founded by Bishop Jean de Chatillon in 1161. In 1802, Abbot Enguerrand and Jean Marie de Lamennais opened a college there. In1812 the establishment became municipal college. In 1849 he passed under the direction of the Bishop of Rennes who entrusted it to the Missionaries of the Immaculate Conception.
    In 1882 the college officially took the name of Institution of St. Malo and the teaching was entrusted to secular priests.
    The chapel was built around 1858 on land acquired by the Abbot Roman Voisard, then felled and replaced by a modern building in 1935.
    The fresco of the heart dates from this time and was realized by Mériel-Bussy.
    Work done in 2006 divided the chapel into 2 trays:
    On the ground floor a room of Supervised Duties, above a space not allocated at first.
    The construction of the Auditorium began in 2017, the heart and the Altar have been preserved. This new space was inaugurated on December 18, 2018.
    The capacity is 240 places including 70 with tablets

    The Auditorium is equipped with a video projector controlled by a touch pad that also controls sound and other digital sources.
    Two expectations are provided on each side of the stage and can connect computers with HDMI, DVGA or AIR PLAY (apple tv) wiring.
    Two microphones, a micro cravatte microphone and two hand pickups are also available.
    The room is equipped with wifi
    Possible play of lights from a wall console.
    2 work rooms can complete the rental of the auditorium: Quebec Room (20 people) and Tapestry Room (20 people)
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