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Geocaching, what is it?

Geocaching is a hobby that uses GPS to hide or search for a container (called a "cache") in various locations around the world. A typical geocache consists of a small waterproof and resistant container with a notebook for finders to record their presence and one or more "treasures," usually worthless trinkets.

In 2013, more than two million geocaches were listed in 222 countries on the various community websites dedicated to this hobby (Wikipedia).

Download the application "Trésors de Haute Bretagne" on your smartphone and discover Saint-Malo while having fun!

Discover the caches of the Haute Bretagne Department and Ille et Vilaine​


Download the 4 tours of Saint-Malo

Other tours of Saint-Malo Bay and Mont-Saint-Michel.

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Discover the treasures of Haute Bretagne while having fun!

More than a hundred hunts, with Pirate memory games and treasures to find. Match the pieces and find the treasure