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Lots of facilities for visitors are managed by the City of Saint-Malo authorities:

  • Ramps to public toilets and the beach
  • Parking
  • "Seahorse" wheelchairs for people with disabilities to enjoy both the beach and the sea.

Seahorses have over the years become the symbol of accessibility on the beaches of Saint-Malo. They allow persons using wheelchairs to get about easily on the sand and enjoy all the pleasures of swimming in the sea.


Seahorse chairs are available along the entire eight kilometre stretch of beaches, at the following 8 stations:

  1. Plage des Bas-Sablons (1 chair)
  2. Plage de Bon-Secours (1 chair + 1 chair at the SNBSM sailing school)
  3. Plage de l’Eventail (1 chair)
  4. Plage du Sillon (1 chair)
  5. Plage de la Hoguette (1 chair+ 1 chair at the Surf School)
  6. Plage de Rochebonne (1 chair)
  7. Plage du Pont (1 chair)
  8. Plage du Val (1 chair)

Rescue stations are open in July and August from 12:30 to 7 pm every day of the week.

Off season

Only two chairs are available off season, one at each surf school

  1. Surf School, Plage de la Hoguette
  2. SNBSM, Plage de Bon-Secours, old town.

Most beaches have access ramps:

  1. Plage du Sillon,
  2. Plage de Bon-Secours,
  3. Plage de l'Éventail,
  4. Plage du Pont,
  5. Plage de Rochebonne
  6. Plage du Val

Raised benches with armrests are located around the walking trails throughout the city.


Saint-Malo is a particularly nautical resort

Facilities and high-performance equipment, allowing enthusiasts, with or without disabilities, for take to the water, whether for fun or sport competitions... Advice on boating in Saint-Malo and accessibility to water sports!

Sand yachting, diveyak, sea kayak, sea walking, swimming, diving ...

Other sports

Badminton and squash, horse riding, tennis, archery ...

Horse racing, leisure parks ...

Wellness & Spa, spa therapy ...

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