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  • Jean-Yves BORDIER is the last craftsman to hand-work his churned butter in a wooden mixer, and to salt it old-fashioned, on the fly. During mixing and
    salting, butter loses water, it "cries", it develops taste qualities and a great complexity of aromas, but also a silky texture ...
    The butter is shaped by hand, typed using boxwood pallets, to form clumps, platelets, or mini-butters "tailor-made" for great chefs. They choose the salting rate, the recipe, the shape and the weight they want, according to their creativity.
    You can find the BORDIER butter at the best creamers, everywhere in France and in some countries.

    As a cheese refiner, Jean-Yves Bordier calls himself "Choosing and Finishing Cheese". He has selected his cheeses from quality craftsmen, and our team brings cheeses to their optimum tasting stage in our maturing cellars. Ripening, a full step in the making of a cheese, a real job!
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