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  • Manufacture of rum based macerations, fruits, vegetables and spices selected and cooked with knowledge to obtain the richest possible aromatic assemblages.

    The story
    At the very heart of Saint-Malo, corsair city where rum arrived last centuries, today the departure port of the famous transatlantic race, Malorhum is the result of the meeting between two passionate people.
    After several years of experimentation, we invite you to revisit the "rum rum" by a new approach of cooking and not only through the maceration of fresh fruits. Our aim is to bring a unique aromatic palette using innovative arrangement techniques that are based on selected fruit, vegetables and spices cooked with knowledge.

    The recipes
    Each of our recipes is elaborated with a top-of-the-range agricultural rum made by the oldest distillery of Guadeloupe. Each ingredient is selected, prepared and cooked for the sole purpose of obtaining the richest possible aromatic blend. All the kitchen operations but also handling related to the filling is done by hand for an optimal respect of the products, giving a 100% artisanal character to our entire range.

    Tonki ': Creamy and tasty with tonka flavors
    Erotik ': Fresh and floral' ex'rotic 'fruit
    Légum ': Mixture of the earth with a light peppery tip
    Grog ': Ideal blend of spices and fruits.
    Gwada ': Felted and generous to the flavors of the islands.
    Plum ': Round and syrupy, ideal at the end of a meal
    Zapa ': Harmonious of power and spices.
    Ruby ': Infused, floral and intense with vegetal aromas.
    Cure ': Infused, mellow and intense with vegetal aromas.

    We chose not to resort to a cuvage system from which bottling would take place in order to give a "unique" cachet to each of our bottles which thus contains its own maceration.
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    Original, savoureux, l'équilibre des parfums est subtil et maîtrisé.

    Owner's reply

    Merci à vous, nous sommes toujours très heureux d'une satisfaction exprimée