Land of events and excellence

Modern infrastructure in an exceptional place

The territory of Saint-Malo Mont-Saint-Michel Bay Tourism boosts its business sector and invests to offer you even more possibilities. Rental infrastructure, accommodation, dedicated activities ... All in an environment conducive to events where trade fairs and conventions are held throughout the year.

Tailor-made receptive places: from the unusual to the conventional

From the unusual to the conventional, choose a place on our territory, between modernity and authenticity, for a tailor-made event and just like you. The quality of the equipment and the expertise are there to build you events up to your ambitions.

  • Historic homes, prestigious buildings, ships at sea or morred or many other unusual places await you.

Impress your teams by organizing your seminar in a unique and private space. Among your possibilities, the old emblem of Saint-Malo, the Etoile du Roy, can be rented for a day or evening. Some Malouinières and their period furniture can also be rented for unique moments!

  • About thirty hotels in the area provide meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 200 people.

Quality services with personalized services: audiovisual equipment, catering, transport by private shuttle ... Their main asset, the unity of place: a whole range of services in one place.

  • Turnkey support thanks to the 5 receptive agencies and partner events.

From logistics to catering, through the animation of your days and the technical setting, these specialists will boost your project and know how to meet your requirements. A perfect balance between work sessions and moments of relaxation for your teams, according to criteria of comfort, accessibility or budget.

For your professional stays, organize your own event or take part in one of the events organized on the territory. Major nautical and sporting, musical, literary and other artistic events regularly enliven Saint-Malo and its Bay.​

The Breizh innovation

Firmly turned towards the future, the territory of Saint-Malo Mont-Saint-Michel Bay constantly improves its infrastructure, accessibility and means of transport. In this land of innovation and knowledge, professionals stand out in the digital, biotechnology, fishing and agri-food sectors.

Saint-Malo has a large dynamic and efficient ecosystem in the digital world. With a network of young and healthy companies, more than 70 local players are involved in the "Digital Saint-Malo" association. As a promising digital hub, Saint-Malo is part of:

  • the French Tech national label
  • 2nd national rank for telecom engineers training
  • 3rd national rank for electronic and computer training

The seafront, the port and the region's big companies have made Saint-Malo an important player in the development of maritime resources. The proximity to the sea is a major asset for the development of biotechnologies in the territory of Saint-Malo Agglomeration. The sea is an astounding reservoir conducive to providing sustainably to man multiple components with medical, cosmetic, nutritional, even genetic vocation… In this domain, Brittany is

  • the 1st region of marine biotechnologies
  • the 3rd region of French biotechnologies
  • world leader in marine ingredients for cosmetics

Fishing, culture and farming are strong foundations of the Saint-Malo Mont-Saint-Michel  Bay territory. For years, professionals in the sector have put these know-how at the service of all, to create quality products.

  • Brittany - 1st agri-food region in Europe
  • 1st French region for fishing
  • 1st region producing seaweed