Want to...Breton Gastronomic Nuggets
Creperie Breizh Cafe Cancale Thibault Poriel 1256Creperie Breizh Cafe Cancale Thibault Poriel 1256
©Creperie Breizh Cafe Cancale Thibault Poriel 1256|Thibault Poriel
Water to the mouth

Gastronomic nuggets from Brittany

In a gastronomic country whose reputation is well established, Destination Saint-Malo Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel offers a real gourmet itinerary: seafood, earthy flavors… A paradise for lovers of fresh produce!

Do you love good food?

Leave your palate in the hands of jewelers of taste!

Order, enjoy, it’s all about pleasure. Our Destination chefs will take care of your taste buds by taking you on a journey according to your desires. In first class with beautiful gourmet houses, or on the go with succulent small dishes. Your path is paved with gold!

All our desires

The Nugget Seeker’s Destination. The territory is adorned with 8 treasures to discover all its riches. Over the seasons, the territory unveils itself and its thousand gems are discovered to you…